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Resonating Archfiends

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by potterfanxp123, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. potterfanxp123

    potterfanxp123 New Member

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    Hey everyone, I was hoping everyone would take a look at the deck and give your opinion on how it looks. It's an Advanced build, but I don't look to be going to tourney's anytime soon, if ever, so I guess this is for my own personal benefit.

    Any feedback at all is appreciated:

    Monsters: 20
    2x Skull Archfiend of Lightning
    3x Mist Archfiend
    2x Terrorking Archfiend
    2x Lancer Archfiend
    2x Stygian Street Patrol
    1x Sangan
    3x Dark Resonator
    2x Creation Resonator
    3x Barrier Resonator

    Spells: 9
    3x Falling Down
    2x Resonator Call
    2x Red Dragon Vase
    2x Instant Fusion

    Traps: 12
    3x Archfiend's Roar
    3x Red Carpet
    3x Dark Bribe
    2x Red Screen
    1x Solemn Judgment

    Extra Deck: 15
    2x Red Nova Dragon
    2x Red Dragon Archfiend
    1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
    1x Chaos King Archfiend
    1x Hundred Eyes Dragon
    1x Flamvell Uruquizas
    1x T.G. Hyper Librarian
    1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
    1x Number 39: Utopia
    1x Wind-Up Zenmaister
    1x Grenosaurus
    2x Elemental HERO Mariner

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