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Ritual Deck Need help

Discussion in 'Deck Construction (YGO)' started by TiScorEagle, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. TiScorEagle

    TiScorEagle New Member

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    what ritual monsters do you guyz or girlz think i should run. im thinking of relinquished and garlandolf. thnx
  2. cyberknight8610

    cyberknight8610 Beginning Gamer

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    well Ruin, Queen of Oblivion and Demise, King of Armageddon work very well together
  3. Chlora

    Chlora New Member

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    Hope this helps

    As with Cyberknight saying Ruin and Demise. I used to run a ritual cat deck.

    I personally enjoyed running: Ruin, Demise, Shinato King of a higher Plane, and Divine Grave Northwemko. You can actually mix together the right number of Rituals (meaning put an even number of light and dark) and Non-Ritual monster cards to make heavy use of the Sync Chaos Goddess and Armory Arm. With Chaos goddesses ability to ditch a light to the grave to summon a lvl 5 or Higher Dark monster (though that monster summoned this way can't be used as a Sync material) its an easy was to sneak a Chaos Sorcerer or any other dark out of your grave. Adding to the fact that monster reborn is unbanned you can also use the New trap card Mystical Refpanel to switch the effect of your opponents Reborn to you allowing you to get the special summon. Also make sure you grab a couple Ascending Soul cards, get it on the field and do an equal level ritual summon, you'll only have tributed once and you'll get to return the monster you sent to the grave back to your hand :D

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