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Roan Studio/Miax's List

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by Roan Studio, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    My Trading Rules
    To be updated as needed

    1. Reference rules apply, however:
    • This being my first post, I have no references and I have no qualms about sending to you first. If you still aren't sure that I'm a safe trader, check RoanStudio on eBay, you'll see I have a 100% positive rating over 33 different members.
    • I reserve the right to refuse to trade with someone that I don't feel comfortable with.
    2. I will ship to US and Canada Only.

    3. I will use bubble pack and a soft sleeve/toploader and I expect the same in return.

    4. Include a packing slip that lists the contents of your package and your user name on Netrepâ„¢.
    • I do a LOT of multiple same-name card buying on eBay. eBay sellers are TERRIBLE about not including their seller IDs on their packages nor do most of them use packing slips. I do NOT know who "Bob" is that sent me 1 Necrofear from "Sally" and "Maurice" who also sent me 1 Necrofear each.
    • All the packing slip has to do is list the package contents along with your real name and your user name on Netrepâ„¢. You can hand-write it on a paper napkin with a crayon for all I care :) Example:

    From Jane Jones (DorkieJonesy on Netrepâ„¢)

    1 Dark Necrofear
    1 Ring of Destruction

    5. I will look at your list if you ask, though please link it to make it easier to find.

    6. Don't see what you want? Ask. I buy a lot on eBay and if you have something I want, tell me what you need and I'll see what I can do.

    7. You can offer me money in the form of PayPal. All money transactions, regardless of refs, require the cards to be shipped to ME first. Be sure to check the going price of the card(s) on eBay before you do make an offer. I'll usually sell mid-range to lower, but don't insult me :)
  2. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    [Haves List]

    I have two binders full of cards, not to mention the boxes I forgot about, and I'm still working on sorting them out, which is why I only have a few available at the moment. I will compare card values on eBay and list here.

    If you have something on my WANTS list and I don't have the HAVES list posted yet, please ASK. If I don't have it, I might get it for you.

    Note: the number in brackets is a reference on the current average price the card is going for on eBay. This is just a very small partial listing.

    Spell Cards/Other
    [RDS-EN037] Serial Spell 1/e (2-5$)
    [PCY-002] Anti-Spell Fragrance (4-10$)

    Trap Cards/Other
    [EDS-001] Exchange (6-8$)
    Aqua Chorus x2

    Monsters Other
    Dark Magician of Chaos <--NEW! ADDED TODAY!
    [RDS-EN026] Pitch-Black Warwolf 1/e (x6)
    [IOC-073] Dark Driceratops 1/e (1) (2-4$)
    [AST-008] The Agent of Creation -Venus 1/e (1) (1-3$)
    [LOD-071] Asura Priest (1) (1-2$)
    [DB1-EN048] Flash Assailant (x3)
    [RDS-EN012] Perfect Machine King 1/e (x1) (11-23$)
    [MFC-020] Spell Canceller 1/e (x1) (5$)
    [MC1-EN002] Barrel Dragon L/e (x1) (3-5$)
    [SOD-EN020] Rafflesia Seduction 1/e (x1) (2-4$)
    [SOD-EN020] Rafflesia Seduction (x1) (1-2$)
    [RDS-EN021] Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch 1/e (x1) (4-8$)
    [SDD-001] Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (x1) (15$)
    [SOD-EN027] Mind on Air 1/e (x1) (1-3$)
    [LON-061] Jowgen the Spiritualist (x1) (2$)
    [DB1-EN204] Gearfried the Iron Knight (x2)
    [DB1-EN196] Hayabusa Knight (x1)
    [PSV-090] Red Moon Baby (x1)
    [MFC-052] XYZ-Dragon Cannon (x1) (8$)

    Monsters & Spells/Toons
    [SDP-022] Manga Ryu-Ran 1/e
    [SDP-023] Toon Mermaid 1/e
    [SDP-020] Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 1/e
    [SDP-021] Toon Summoned Skull 1/e
    [SDP-024] Toon World 1/e

    Monsters & Spells/Gravekeepers
    [DL3-001] Necrovalley (x1)
    [MRL-031] Necrovalley (x2) 1/e
    [PGD-063] Gravekeeper's Vassal (x3)
    [PGD-059] Gravekeeper's Spy (x2)
    [PGD-065] Gravekeeper's Chief (x2)
    [PGD-067] Gravekeeper's Assailant (x2)
    [PGD-060] Gravekeeper's Curse (x2) 1/e
    [PGD-062] Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier (x1)
    [PGD-066] Gravekeeper's Cannonholder (x1)
    [PGD-061] Gravekeeper's Guard (x2)
    [PGD-064] Gravekeeper's Watcher (x1)
    [PGD-073] An Owl of Luck 1/e Short Print (x3)

    Entire set of above Gravekeeper's is worth about 10-15$. If you want to
    build a Gravekeeper's deck, trade me the set for some cards on my WANTS list.

    Note: I probably have Shabti and possibly Rite of Spirit. Have to look later.
  3. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    Wants List and Trades Information


    Current WANTS as of February 2, 2005

    Cards designed with "(s)" indicated multiples of each are wanted, not necessarily less than 3. There are 3 people who play in this family and I need lots of some. Items in red are high priority items. Items in violet are next in priority.

    Japanese BEUD for my daughter
    Gear Golem(s)
    Monster Reincarnation(s)
    Horn of Heaven(s)
    Slate Warrior(s)
    Archfiend of Gilfer (x3)
    Archfiends (any and all)
    Book of Moon(s) (I need at least 4 more of these)
    Ring of Destruction(s)
    Magician of Faith(s)
    PGD Ring of Destruction

    Note: this list will change often as we are an impatient lot and will buy off eBay if we have to wait too long :)

    [Trading Info]

    Pending Trades:
    FiendishEnvoy (IOC RoD)
    Me (PSV Nobleman) --> sent 2/5

    Completed Trades:
    djp952 (Emissary x 2 & Punished Eagle+extras)
    Me (Kinetic Soldier x 2)

  4. djp952

    djp952 New Member

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    Well, I definately have ...

    - 2x Emissary of the Afterlife
    - 2x Book of Moon
    - 2x Book of Life (PGD / Super Rare)
    - Statue of the Wicked
    - Torrential Tribute (DB1)

    And am 99% certain I have ...

    - Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
    - Great Maju Garzett

    And could dig through an extremely large box of commons and find ...

    - Punished Eagle

    So, if you want to have a look-see at my wants and let me know, that would be great! WARNING: The list is quite short right now, and doesn't have any "easy to get" cards on it :D

    djp952's Trade List
  5. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    Bah, you and that list are evil :)

    I do have TWO WC4-002 Kinetics that I know of right off the bat. They run from 4-7$ each on eBay. I will be honest with you, they were in my G-Bind deck which had very slight play. They look no different from my mint cards, can't tell they were played and I would classify them as N/M. If we work out a deal, I could send them to you with some extra stamps inside and you could examine them. If they meet your requirements, then we can conclude the deal and you ship me the cards I want and the stamps. If not, ship them back with the stamps I sent you.

    Your Emissaries are AST-076 running around 4-5$ and the Eagle is listed at 3x2.95 by a person who over charges for her cards and HUGELY over charges for shipping.

    So, If the above trade agreement is workable to you, then I would like to trade my 2 Kinetics for your 2 Emissaries and the Eagle.

    I will go through my binders and see what else I have.

    Bet you didn't think I had anything on your list, eh? :)

  6. djp952

    djp952 New Member

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    Sounds like a plan to me. BUT: I need to make certain that I can locate the Punished Eagle, AND make certain it's still in perfect condition. The "box" has 3100 commons in it, so it might take a while to sift through.

    I'm not worried about the condition of the Soldiers at all. I've been reading your posts and whatnot since you signed on, and you guys all sound quite cool and trustworthy!! There is no need to send extra stamps ;)

    Oh .. and I'm gonna toss a couple other small things from your list as well ... you'll have to wait and see what you get, though :D

    Once I get home tonight, I will confirm and set aside Punished Eagle et al, edit this post (to save space), and PM you back, if that's OK.

    edit: Got home, found Punished Eagle (amazingly), and it's pristine. So we're good to go from my perspective on the following if you are still interested:

    Your: Kinetic Soldier x2
    My: Punished Eagle, Emissary of the Afterlife x2 + a couple "bonus" cards
  7. Nak44

    Nak44 New Member

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    i have torrential tribute ultra and archfiend of gilfer(archfiend :D)

    Don zaloog
    warrior returning alive
    painful choice
    dd warrior lady 2x
    dd assailant
    command knight
    heavy storm
    exiled force
    premature buriaL(ULTRA)
    snacth steal
    reinforcements of the army 2x
    freed the macthless general
    marauding captain
    Goblin attack force
    command knight
    blade knight
    any good level 4 warriors(throw in please)
    exiled force
    spear dragon
    XYZ-dragon cannon MFC
    X-head cannon
    shining angel
    all exodia pieces
    monster reincarnation
    backup soldier(super)
    painful choice
    warrior support cards :D
    and if you wanna check my list for any others
  8. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    I have quite a few that are on your list :) However, I have to talk to my daughter as we were going to make her a warrior deck. Lemme see if she still wants to do that, 'cause I'm working on her Exodia deck right now.

    Also wrangled a "deal" off some eBay dude for a buncha DB1 and other cards that are on your list. I have suspicion that either the cards or fake or he's driving his prices down to force others to do the same. If they are fake, well, he's not going to be a happy camper when I'm done with him :) If they are real, I may have some awesome stuff to throw your way. I pretty much bought everything he had that looked like a good trade, even if I didn't need it.

    Prolly a week before the cards get here, can you wait that long?

  9. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    ROFL! For a common card it's not very easy to find on eBay. Oh good gravy. My fav online store has it for 29 cents. Not worth your time to dig through that box, really. I'll just buy it from them next time I get some DVDs.

    How about the Wicked Statue? It's going for 2-3$ on eBay, so I could throw 2$ in the package to cover that.

    Why, thank you! I would feel better, really, if I did that, though. As I stated, I'm new at this and I want to make sure all my bases are covered. You may see something wrong with the cards that I do not.

    When you have an 8 year old in the house who paws through the binders all the time there's no telling what I'm going to find. I usually hide the cards I think are worth something, but everyone finds them :)

    Oh, that would rock! Appreciate it! The Emissaries are for my daughter's Exodia deck. If you find another one lying around, lemme know. I need three in total.

    Sure! Don't kill yourself over the Eagle. If you find it easy, cool, send it, if not, consider the Statue instead.

    Lemme know
  10. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

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    I most definitely have several Emissary cards (i.e., more than 2). You need 3 and if Mike only has 2, I'll toss in the third. :)

    Likewise, I have (italics = 99% sure)

    Dark Necrofear
    Monster Reincarnation(s)
    Great Maju Garzett
    Mefist the Infernal General
    Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
    Fiend Skull Dragon
    Punished Eagle
    Book of Moon(s)
    Book of Life(s)
    Level Limit Area B
    Statue of the Wicked
  11. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    Oooooo! Okay, you've no list here that I can see. Watcha need?

  12. Nak44

    Nak44 New Member

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    sure im not in a hurry :D
  13. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    The Soldiers will be marching to their new home tomorrow ;)

    Mòran taing,
  14. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

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    hey roan, do you have any Emergency provisions?

    i have a few of the rare/common archfiend monsters.

  15. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    Nada. Tha mi duilich :(
  16. memorexia

    memorexia New Member

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  17. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    Your link to Pojo doesn't work, Memorexia. It's truncated. Would you please post again?

  18. memorexia

    memorexia New Member

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  19. Roan Studio

    Roan Studio A bheil an caora?

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    You still got that Breaker and Gilfer? I have to talk to my husband, but he *might* trade one of his Dark Magician of Chaos and I have a Serpent that I was offering to someone, but they've not replied. Got a few others on your high want list as well.

    Where in Canada are you, btw?

  20. memorexia

    memorexia New Member

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    I live in Mississauga, Ontario - I hang around Untouchables if you ever heard of that store. I can get another Gilfer and I still have Breaker ..

    Do you have any FET - Flaming Eternity cards ?

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