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Secrets of the Empire :: The Void :: Disney Springs

Discussion in 'The Negative Zone' started by Digital Jedi, Sep 3, 2020.

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    So, I haven't really got to gush about this attraction yet. There are no real photos online that do it justice, and you can't really take photos in the attraction, both out of policy and because...well, there's nothing to photograph. It's a fully immersive VR experience.


    And, I mean, like this fool gets right up in your face and you can feel him thumping around on the deck plates. You can feel the seat rattle as your ship lands on Mustafar. Then you make your way out of the ship and you can feel the heat of the magma on Mustafar. You get to pick up blaster rifles and you have to walk narrow planks across across magma and you get to shoot freaking Stormtroopers. It's honestly one of the most fun things I've ever experience.


    When we went, my sister went with us, and that meant we would have to split the group into two, because my daughter required a Cast Member to push her wheelchair through the attraction. And you can only through the attraction in groups of four. So I sent my wife with my sister and me and Mahogany went with the Cast Member. I was really nervous that the equipment would be too much for her little neck to handle, because it weights quite a bit. But she handled it pretty well. I kept peaking under my visor to check on her every few minutes. It made her bow her head a bit, but she kept it mostly upright.

    The hysterical thing was we're supposed to be undercover Rebel operatives disguised as Stormtroopers. So inside the game, your teammates all look like Stormtroopers to each other. My daughter was this tiny half-sized Stormtrooper with another full grown Stormtrooper who walked lock step behind her because that was the Cast Member pushing her wheelchair. (And yes, I made the "short for a Stormtrooper" joke." It was totally the first time anyone working there had ever heard it. o_O )

    Also while me and my daughter were trying on our gear, we heard the loudest shrieks coming from inside the attraction. It was my wife and sister screaming at various Star Wars characters attacking them. I never let them forget that.

    So if you get a chance to go to Disney World in Florida, try to head to the free shopping area called Disney Springs. Make sure you have plenty of time and make sure you purchased tickets online before you get there. We managed to buy them a few hours earlier that day. But it's it's first come first serve kind of thing, and they can only cycle so many people through the attraction at a time. So you need to factor in what the crowds will be like that day. Also, Disney Springs is freaking HUGE. It used to be a relatively small shopping area called Downtown Disney, but after going there for decades once the renovations were completed, I got completely lost trying to find an area I'd been familiar with since I was a 1-year old. (It's also at Downtown Disney in Disneyland. But I don't know that area.)

    My wife and I meant to do a follow up to the reaction video we did for the trailer, and we never got around to it. It was a lot of fun and I hope to go back again some day. Maybe this time with both my wife and daughter.

    OH YEAH, I ALMOST FORGOT. Since the Cast Member and my daughter weren't active participants in the battles, I got to grab TWO blasters and DUEL WIELD the whole game. I was a total bad ass.

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