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Player Management So, if a banned/suspended player wants to play

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Oct 22, 2009.

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    So, if a banned/suspended player wants to play
    from UDE's Player Management Forums

    First, how can I confirm if a player is banned/suspended? Still no reply from the penaltycommittee email I found.

    Second, I ask because I suspect a suspected banned player may try to show up at Realms. Why do I suspect he was banned? He was found guilty of bribery during a qualifier at NACC. I expect such a thing would earn a suspension/ban. Does it not?

    Third, it's relevant because this dude lives only a few hours' drive from the upcoming Florida realms location and has a moderate community of players last I heard, and I expect them to make the trip.

    Insight would be appreciated. Answers would be greatly appreciated.


    -teh Sig


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