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Special "Mewtwo Returns" reviews

Discussion in 'General Discussion (Pokémon)' started by Sakura Sakamoto, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Sakura Sakamoto

    Sakura Sakamoto Active Member

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    mewtwo returns
    i'm going to try watch the movie while eating dinner and writing this review. i think i might fail:D
    i give this movie 10 out of 10 because theres a mewtwo in it.

    it starts with flash back from mewtwo strikes back. mew appears at the very beginning than again later on but not propaly he's just in mewtwo's memory's

    mewtwo moves himself and his clone pokemon of to a remote part of the johto reignat the end of the first and is forgotten by all apart from giovani who still wants to control him.

    mewtwo is eventaully traked down by giovani in place known as purity cannon the johto reigns best natural wonder.

    the purity cannon bus is really light as it gets picked up by the wind and tossed around like a toy until mewtwo use's his physic powers to put it back on the road. so that there wasn't an accident and human rescuers would come and possiably find them.

    i want to try some purity river water it looks like taste's nice 4 out 5 people and pokemon can't be wrong.

    the butterfree that fly over mount cayna look really cool there all sparkly.

    i like the clone meowth he makes a lot sense if see the moon the same as the pokemon born into this why can't we see the earth the same way.

    domino is a team rocket member.(shock):eek:

    team rocket steal pikachu jump in there hot balloon to get toway but end up getting caught in cross winds ash and friends follow team rocket up mount cayna and hitch a lift on the ballon when there climbing rope gets snaged on team rockets balloon basket eventualy they make to the basket where domino pops the balloon with a black tulip and leaves everyone to crash on mount cayna as she glides of on her mini glider that fits in rooksack.

    domino revleals she works for the elite ranks of team rocket and is also known as the black tulip.

    the clone pikachu finds ashes pikachu and tries to attack but mewtwo stops him.

    pikachu landed on island in the middle of a lake so ash uses bulbasaur and chickarita to make a canoe so they can get to the island.

    jessie and james end up in prison on the island because there humans and the clone pokemon don't like humans were nothing but bad news.

    mewtwo tries to decide weather the clone pokemon's safty is more important than there freeedom. so should he let them go or make them stay by using his physic powers.

    pikachu and some of the clone pokemon make it of the island just as ash arrives to try and find him.

    team rocket starts shocking the clone pokemon that left the island so they can be caught just as pikachu, meowth and the two clonesare about to be caught mewtwo steps in to save them and freethe clone pokemon from the team rocket pokeballs.

    giovani appears and attacks mewtwo with hi-tech machines.

    he manages to disable giovanis expenive machines.

    giovani has set his trap for mewtwo by catching his pokemon friends so he and activates his machines again so they can mould mewtwo's will so that he will do giovanis diding. at first mewtwo refuses to get in the energy beam that the two machines are making but then giovani threatens the clone pokemon and with there welbeing on the line mewtwo gives in to giovanis demands and fights to keep control of his will and not let the pain cntrol his will but this struggle is close to destroying mewtwo's body.

    everyones been captured and thrown in prison the two pikachus are cured by the sample of purity spring's water.

    mewtwo's will is stronger than giovani predicted and it is now a battle between his will and mewtwo's will.

    team rocket have started building a new lab on the island but the bug pokemon come to stop them because there polutting the lake.

    mewtwo manages to summon the remander of his strength to free it's self from giovani's robots and with the help of the 2 pikachu they destroy the robots.

    ash takes mewtwo away from giovani's army and to the spring where he throws mewtwo in to the spring where he is revived and uses his renewed powers to move the lake and spring beneth mount kayna.

    all the pokemon go of in there seperate ways.

    and mewtwo lives alone and wanders the world by moonlight.

    mewtwo erases the memorys of everyone that would want to destroy the spring. giovani and team rocket end up at what looks like an airport with know idea why there their. but giovani gets the feeling he has be defeated.

    the women that ash and friends meet when they miss the bus to get over mount kanya finds out that she and the scinentist thats goes to inspect the fresh spring water have a lot more in common than they fought.
    so i guess there's love in the air.

    later on while in a city ash heres mewtwo or was it just his memory.

    that basicaly the movie i think.

    there is the uncut version of mewtwo's origin where a scientist agrees to help giovani so he can try and clone his dead daughter by revicing her concusness there's also a charmander, squritle bulbasaur and obvilasly mewtwo. the little girls name is amber. they al meet in dream world which is possably made my telephaphy.
    in the end the other clone experiments fail and they all vanish.
    mewtwo gets upset and is made to forget but he doesn't it's all there in the back of his mind. was all before this just a dream.

    a few odd things about the movie baby nidoqueens what happened tp nidoran.

    they used mew's theme music a couple of times but i don't they used when mew appeaed in mewtwo's memory's.

    i probably missed a couple of things out.
    i'm sure somebody might able to fill in the important things with another one of his awsome reviews if he doesn't mind.:)

    just in case you don't know who you are it's you maruno:D
  2. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

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    Jinzo giving a mewtwo movie 10 out of 10 I don't know why you score mewtwo returns so highly since this movie doesn't have a big charizard scene:D Mewtwo strikes back I can understand since there are big scenes with Charizard:D!!!
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  3. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

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    When I heard that this feature-length special existed, I first thought it was a film. An easy mistake to make, but no, it doesn't belong in the main sequence of films. It's only an hour long, so it's relatively short (by Western film standards) - I figure films should be as long as they need to be, though, and this one does just fine as it is.

    Also, spoilers follow (and precede, in fact), but I suppose you've already seen the films anyway so it doesn't really matter.


    Pokémon Special: Mewtwo Returns

    The first, and perhaps most important thing to mention, is the appearance of everyone's favourite and most important person in the world: Dan Green! "My unparalleled psychic powers are simply fabulous!"

    (I pondered for days, and that was the best I could come up with. If you have any better suggestions, make them immediately.)

    In this day and age, it is possible for someone to watch the second or third part of some movie trilogy, or later episodes of a television series or play sequels to games before having experienced the original. I myself saw Spiderman 2, The Borne Supremacy (which is boring, by the way) and am playing Half-Life 2 before watching/playing the first parts. It therefore necessitates a recap of "Mewtwo Strikes Back" to be placed at the beginning of this special. Y'know, just in case you skipped past that incredibly popular and publicised first film and went straight for this relatively obscure sequel.

    Giovanni wasn't around on New Island, so his memory hadn't been wiped. It's nice to see the plot of the first film (although it is basically just "I want Mewtwo!") extending past that film and therefore being logical - it's unlikely Giovanni would have just given up on the clone during the end credits of "Mewtwo Strikes Back".

    The opening titles (you know, with the words "Pokémon Mewtwo Returns") was, as usual, shown with a very short clip of dramatic music, but... did I detect a bit of the Doctor Who theme sneaking in there? Hmm. Listen out for it the next time you watch it.

    The special (I'm not going to call it a film, because it technically isn't) has officially started, now that those opening titles have come and gone. We find our heroes where we always find them: wandering towards the camera on a small dusty path in a field with a couple of trees nearby. Cue an immediate thunderstorm... again. I hope you're remembering to down a shot of your preferred alcoholic beverage every time you spot a parallel between this special and the first film. I'll be mentioning a few throughout, but it's up to you to find them all. You can ignore Mewtwo being on-screen, since he's kind of a main character and I don't want to be sued for killing your livers.

    The heroes meet a green-haired researcher called Luna. She's female, so enter Brock. Can you smell what the Brock is cooking? That's an actual joke from the special (although probably not many will know the reference), and I think it's kind of a good one.

    The bus goes off, and spontaneously starts flying around. That wind sure picks up fast. Mewtwo uses his powers to dump it back down on the road. Notice the surveillance equipment he's using to spy on the bus (+1 unit of alcohol) - but to be fair, there's a good reason for it: he's making sure people don't get too adventurous and try sneaking into his safe place. It's not because he cares about humans. Nope. Not at all. Did you think it was? Well, you're wrong. It's not.

    Also, while he's there explaining himself to the cloned Meowth and Pikachu, why not take half a second to guess who the main clone characters are going to be?

    The heroes have some magic water, and all but Ash enjoy it. I'm on his side, actually. Pure water is tasteless, and I like a bit of flavour in my drinks, preferably Summer Fruits. Either that or Vimto, both mixed relatively strong.

    Random canoe time, probably just to show that bugs live in the nearby forest. Misty seems to like the Ledian sparkling, but out pops some Kakuna and Beedrill. They really get a bad reputation in the anime, don't they?

    Upon hearing that pokémon live up the mountain, Ash decides he's going. We knew the heroes were going to end up up the mountain anyway, so why bother even mentioning the pokémon? Actually, as I recall only the clones live up there - all the other pokémon (the bugs) seem to come from elsewhere. But no, Ash wants to go - "Screw the immense danger and possible death, I want pokémon!"

    At this point in the special, the weather is all calm and clear. Would it really be so difficult for someone to fly up on a Pidgeot? This weather excuse sounds rather feeble.

    Mewtwo and the main clones (you know who they are) are doing a spot of Moon-gazing. The clone Meowth comments on how round and bright the full Moon is (have another drink). He still says "Nyarth" (its Japanese name) - his voice hasn't been dubbed, for some reason. I just found that interesting.

    A big flock of Butterfree fly past, and a nostalgic expression for a formerly-owned Butterfree completely fails to cross Ash's face. I'll bet he doesn't even remember it anymore. Such a great trainer, that Ketchum.

    Oh look, a famous researcher has shown up. It's always nice to have a guest character to explain and do all the technical stuff while Ash and Pikachu are busy throwing Thunderbolts at people. Y'know, I've completely forgotten his name, so I'm going to call him "scientist guy" whenever I talk about him. Which will be almost never, because he's not a main character.

    He's brought his assistant, though: the lovely Team Rocket spy, Domino. Why is Brock never allowed to chat anyone up? Sure, he's keen, but why are his attempts always so laughable? He may actually succeed if given the chance, you know.

    Enter Team Rocket (applause). I'll be referring to the comic duo as Team Rocket, Giovanni and his group and "Giovanni and his group", and various other Team Rocket members as "Rockets" (capital R). Remember this, because it'll avoid some confusion later.

    One anti-electric whip and a subsequently useless electric shock from Pikachu (it always tries it anyone, for some reason). Team Rocket blasts off in their pimped-up (or is it "-out"?) balloon. Yes, it has jets, but it's still a hot-air balloon in, yes, suddenly bad weather.

    This is perfect incentive for going up the mountain, then. We've gotta get Pikachu back - he's a main character, after all. Team Rocket's jets die, winds pick up, they snag everyone climbing up the mountain, and they all fly off to the island.

    Domino's binoculars can see through rock, apparently. She reveals her true identity as Agent Double-Oh Nine, otherwise known as the Blackadde- I mean, the Black Tulip. She's extremely agile, to and beyond the point of blatantly defying the laws of physics. But this is anime, so fair enough. She pops the balloon and makes her escape on her very handy portable and discrete hang-glider.

    Giovanni's on his way with his special forces. They're going at top speed in their... blimps and hang-gliders. Yes, okay.

    After punishing Team Rocket the only way he knows how, Pikachu meets his clone, who's raring for a fight (drink). He might be raring for a drink too, actually, but I wouldn't know. Mewtwo shows up with his "fighting is senseless" (we heard all this before, coughdrinkcough), and he's not happy humans have turned up.

    I think James says it best when he mentions that "this is like the sequel to a movie I missed."

    All the clones are prepared for war. They don't want to live as shadows in one place; they want to see the world. Clone Meowth shows up to Meowth and comments on the full moon - again.

    It's getting tiring having to listen to Meowth translate everything. Haven't these people heard of subtitles? No, wait, 4Kids doesn't like text in their anime - reading it may be too challenging or force the viewer to think too hard.

    None of the clones have evolved. By "none of them", I mean the clones of the heroes' pokémon - the other trainers already had fully-evolved pokémon when they faced Mewtwo in that film.

    Make a canoe out of a tree. Hasn't that been done often enough by everyone? They're facing the wrong way for rowing, by the way - they should be facing backwards.

    The clone Pikachu sparks up a revolution amongst the other clones. Jessie and James get locked up, but regardless, they're still planning on stealing Pikachu.

    Mewtwo introduces some more morals here: safety or freedom, which is better? Only you can decide. All vote now.

    The Moon's come out again, and guess what? It's full. The heroes have found a spring, and the water's very good for life. But baby Nidoqueen, though? That's unlikely, and not just in the obvious sense. Any real clones in our world are always sterile, so they couldn't breed anyway. Plus, Nidoqueen can't breed, according to the games. Details, details.

    Rocket aircraft attack the clones who have gone to the shore of the lake, and all but the Meowths and Pikachus are stunned and captured in Rocket Balls. Mewtwo shows up and releases the captured pokémon, and then faces Giovanni. He beats up Giovanni's machines, but Rockets head over to the island to go after the other clones and the spring. They capture the clones and the heroes with electric metal rings.

    Mewtwo takes the fight over to the island, where Giovanni threatens the other clones to force Mewtwo to submit to the machines. He then orders construction of a laboratory.

    The clones and the heroes meet up, and a small vial of spring water turns out to be a Max Potion for the beat-up Pikachus. They're all locked up and left unguarded, but that's fine because none of the pokémon decide to use a Hyper Beam or Razor Leaf to get out.

    Lots of Bug pokémon swarm in and start attacking the Rockets, for whatever reason. The heroes and clones break out, and Luna and the scientist guy head to the spring.

    Team Rocket wins a small victory over Domino, by making her slip head first into a bucket. This conveniently means we can ignore her for the rest of the special now.

    The heroes find Mewtwo trapped in the machines' electric barrier wotsit, and find they can't immediately turn off the machines. Therefore the next course of action is to run straight at them, in much the same way Ash did against Mewtwo in the first film. Ahem. They manage to knock one of the machines over, but nothing happens.

    This act of slight vandalism, plus Mewtwo deciding to go Super Saiyan, allows Mewtwo to break out of the barrier wotsit. They destroy the upturned machine, which somehow obviously causes the other one to spontaneously self-destruct. Mewtwo is almost killed, but because everyone's talked about the pure water being able to heal every five minutes in this special, we all know what to do next. It's off to the spring.

    Ash carries Mewtwo there and promptly lobs him in. Mewtwo is psychic, so he probably doesn't need to breathe. Instead (or perhaps because of the lack of air), Mewtwo starts hallucinating about being underwater (bear with me) and bubbles and Mew, almost flashback-like to scenes from the first film (why haven't you drank yet?).

    He also reasons that, since the spring is healing him like it does real pokémon, then perhaps there's a place for him in this world after all. It seems everyone missed the sign saying: "Welcome to the pure water spring Angst-Be-Gone."

    Giovanni attacks the spring, but Mewtwo pops out and causes a big shaft of light (an effect often caused by really powerful anime-based attacks or moves). The lake and island disappear underground.

    Luna and the scientist guy decide they can create an artificial copy of the pure water instead of needing to invade and potentially pollute the spring. Ah, science. It can do anything.

    Mewtwo wants to wipe the heroes' memories again, but the clones disagree. Everyone "deserves" to remember things and all that jazz, so Mewtwo changes his mind. He wipes the memories of Giovanni and his group and sends them back to wherever (possibly even sending them back in time again, I couldn't say). Yes, another similarity, even if it is different people involved.

    The clones fly off again, apparently in separate directions. Any pokémon not in Mewtwo's group who can't fly will presumably shortly "evolve" into a large splat on the ground.

    Team Rocket get their balloon repaired, and the heroes get a Pikachu-head balloon of their own, which is never seen again ever. Team Rocket has also forgotten about trying to steal Pikachu by now (not that they made much of an effort since their first scene anyway).

    Luna and the scientist guy get together, a romance completely unnoticed by anyone else. But they had a lot of off-screen time together, so that might make up for no one else caring or even really remembering that they exist.

    Finally, we see the heroes wandering around a city. Ash hears Mewtwo's voice, but isn't quite sure whether it's real or a memory.

    Mewtwo is seen standing on top of a vertical pole, in the way everyone does if it's even slightly possible that they can. He appears to have become the subject of a story of a mysterious pokémon that roams the streets of a city only under the light of the Moon.

    End of film. Don't blame me for your hangover.


    Morals, morals, ethics, morals, ethics, morals and spam. But aside from that, we see Mewtwo again. And surprisingly, he hasn't had his almost infinite powers reduced to a Caterpie's level just for the sake of being able to put him into some kind of danger. No, his power remained maximum, and instead his doubts and worries and fears were manipulated to put him in that danger instead. I liked that.

    Apparently the scientist guy's name was Cullen Calix, but who cares? Naturally, the guest characters got absolutely no character development, with that slight mention of a relationship at the end being the only attempt at it. But that would have been a waste of a special if they'd decided to go on and on about them. There was the much more important (and commonly discussed) preservation of nature thing to focus on instead. Off the top of my head, the Lugia, Celebi and Lucario films talk about it too, and technically so does the Darkrai film (although said "preservation" was to put the town back in the real world).

    This special was pretty good. It didn't really lose its pace once it got going, and it didn't dwell on boring things. It was only an hour long, but as I said at the beginning, that's fine. I disagree with the padding or unpadding of a film/game/book/etc., and say that they should be as long as they need to be to tell the story. And that's what this special did, well. It may have been an excuse for a bit of Mewtwo fanservice, but it was done well and stayed consistent and fit in with everything else. If you get the chance, watch it.

    And did I mention it has Mewtwo in it? Super special awesome.
  4. Digital Jedi

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    Theoretically, you should be able to generate matter with large amounts of energy. Aren't Pokeballs basically a matter/energy conversion process to begin with?
  5. Sakura Sakamoto

    Sakura Sakamoto Active Member

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    i always thought pokeballs where case of shrink rays and grow rays.

    i was taught that matter be made or destroyed just altered.
  6. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

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    No one knows for sure how Poké Balls work. On the one hand the pokémon are turned into energy when recalled, but energy itself cannot be conscious, yet pokémon can spontaneously jump out of their Poké Balls or follow orders called to them before they're released. Whatever the explanation is, there will certainly be a large amount of "Because Game Freak Says So". I decided quite a while ago just to call it "magic" and be done with it.

    Matter is a form of energy, but not all energy is matter. There is always a set amount of energy in the Universe (although I'm not sure about those black holes). The amount of matter in the Universe can (and always does) vary, via processes like annihilation, fusion in stars, and pair production.
  7. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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    You know, the matter/energy conversion thing has been around for decades. It's how Star Trek transporters work, and there's scientists working on making the premise a reality today.

    Of corse, then there's Ghost Pokemon.
  8. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

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    Perhaps this should be in a separate topic or two.

    We can do fusion and a bit of fission, but that's about all the matter/energy conversion I remember we can manage. Transporters don't yet exist (although this comic touches on the subject), and I believe it would take years and years to teleport an electron or something silly like that.

    As for Ghost pokémon, I figure the types are just attributes. Fire pokémon aren't made of fire, Water pokémon aren't made of water, so Ghost pokémon aren't made of ghost (ectoplasm, I suppose). Ghost is just an attribute, and the spookiest of them all.
  9. quangcaogoogle

    quangcaogoogle New Member

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    The movie's score is dull and sparse - there isn't even any kind of rendition of the Pokemon theme.
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