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spellcaster deck neeeds urgent help for tourney!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by ygocollectorx, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. ygocollectorx

    ygocollectorx New Member

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    this is my friends spellcaster deck that he has been working on for a couple of years but he thinks it needs fixes to make it a spellcaster beatdown and tournament worthy... he also wants to balance the deck out so that it can take on almost any deck. so i told him that you guys here at c.o.g. could help out so plz help him out.

    3 skiled dark magician
    3 silent magician lv4
    3 magician's valkyria
    2 silent magician lv8
    1 dark magician of chaos
    1 breaker the magical warrior
    1 magician of faith
    1 d. d. warrior lady
    1 jinzo
    1 kycoo the ghost destroyer
    1 chaos command magician
    1 spirit reaper

    2 level up!
    1 fissure
    1 card destruction
    1 heavy storm
    1 mystical space typhoon
    1 magical dimension
    1 future fusion
    1 lightning vortex
    1 graceful charity
    1 swords of revealing light
    1 premature burial
    1 brain control

    3 sakuretsu armor
    2 magician's circle
    2 cyber shadow gardna
    1 ring of destruction
    1 mirror force
    1 black horn of heaven
    1 call of the haunted
    1 torrential tribute
    1 magic cylinder
  2. DarkMagician_63

    DarkMagician_63 New Member

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    What! No Dark Magician! With 3 Skilled Dark Magicians you need the original.
  3. patrickcampbe21

    patrickcampbe21 New Member

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    Whats the future fusion for?
  4. SPELLCASTERuser39

    SPELLCASTERuser39 New Member

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    yeah hes right no dark magician u need one and i think it takes more the strong monsters to win stop ur opponents magic cards with SECRET VILLAGE OF THE SPELLCASTERS and get a sage of stillness but boost him up cuz he is onlu 1400 so get sage power so he can be strong enough to use his effect. to me im a all out spellcaster user no other cards just plain spellcasters so for a spellcaster deck i think he needs way more spellcaster monsters but thats just me:cool:

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