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The Loyal Infantryman

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Archfiendgeneral, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Archfiendgeneral

    Archfiendgeneral CotD Reviewer

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    A peasant among the nobility
    and a follower among the clergy
    No cloaks or robes dangle from his shoulders
    He's the poorest among the archfiend's soldiers

    A simple helmet protects his head
    Others have armor; he wears mail instead
    His hands are his weapons like those of the king's knight
    A shield for a left forearm and a sword for a right

    Strength is not his greatest ability
    Nor is speed, a skill of the nobility
    Alone he falls but together his resolve cannot be broken
    For what leads him through the battle is his dedication

    Ready to fight to the death at his king's call
    He faces the enemy and gives it his all
    Fright, doubt and cowardice are words he does not know
    To protect his fellow fiend, he'll gladly take a killing blow

    He is the first into battle
    when the battle-lines are drawn,
    He is the loyal and humble
    archfiend soldier named... Hellpawn.

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