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The New Teen Titans

Discussion in 'Deck Depot (VS)' started by Admodieus, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Admodieus

    Admodieus New Member

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    First off, I don't net-deck. This deck was designed through my own playtesting, even though it shares some cards just used by Jones at PC LA in his build. Second, I chose to go a different direction than the normal Dove-Hawk combo, as Doom is heavy in my area and just as soon as I bring those two out do they get Reign of Terror'd and screw my early game. So, without further adieu:

    Characters: 31
    4x Roy Harper <> Speedy, Mercurial Marksmen
    4x Wally West <> Kid Flash, Fastest Teenager Alive
    4x Tim Drake <> Robin, Young Detective
    4x Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
    3x Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Sharpshooter
    4x Terra, Tara Markov
    2x Red Star, Leonid Kovar
    4x Garth <> Tempest, Atlantean Sorcerer
    2x Donna Troy <> Troia, Child of Myth

    Plot Twists: 18
    4x Teen Titans Go!
    3x Heroic Sacrifice
    3x New Teen Titans
    3x Press the Attack
    3x Finishing Move
    2x Foiled

    Locations: 11
    4x Tamaran
    2x Optitron
    3x USS Argus
    2x Titan's Tower
  2. deviaan

    deviaan New Member

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    nice. i builst a New Brave deck, which is a B/B sentered around NTT. NE ways, if your going for regular build, it looks good, but i suggest going to focus more on NTT and such. T-jet gives a huge boost and Vic Stone can get you multiple copies.

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