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To save these forums .. [E-Hero]

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Aazzlano, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Aazzlano

    Aazzlano New Member

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    *first post*

    I've been browsing around these forums, and, to be completely honest, am dissapointed at the... function.. of the hero decks being displayed.

    The main structure of this is, of course, Warrior. The support you get from them is invaluable. We will go Toolbox, with a bit of RFG play. Tweaks may be made, and the sidedeck is extremely important. I'm not going to list all the fusions, because you need well... all of them. All of the useful ones of every level, of every type, every attribute, that can be Special Summoned besides Fusion Summon. And of course, the Elemental Hero fusions.

    *Black Firestorm Hero* - 40 Cards

    ===MONSTERS 5+ [5]
    1x Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
    2x Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
    2x Cyber Dragon

    ===MONSTERS 4- [17]
    2x Elemental Hero Wildheart
    2x Elemental Hero Sparkman
    2x Elemental Hero Clayman
    3x The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion
    1x Morphing Jar
    1x Sangan
    1x D.D. Warrior Lady
    2x D.D. Assailant
    1x Elemental Hero Stratos [Forgot, thanks Jathro]
    2x Exiled Force

    ===SPELLS [12]
    2x Miracle Fusion
    1x Future Fusion
    2x Brain Control
    1x Snatch Steal
    1x Metamorphosis
    1x Confiscation
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Premature Burial
    1x Book of Moon

    ===TRAPS [6]
    2x Royal Decree
    1x Return from the Different Dimension
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Ring of Destruction

    ===SIDE DECK [15]
    1x Return from the Different Dimension
    1x Macro Cosmos
    1x Level Up!
    2x Des Wombat
    3x Solemn Judgment or Magical Merchant or Shining Angel
    2x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
    2x Mobius the Frost Monarch
    1x Treeborn Frog
    2x Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

    And there we are. The sidedeck can be switched up if ya like but this works for me. The monarchs are just for different approaches, you can play Horus and Thestalos, or Mobius with Cybers, Zaborg with Toolbox, it's up to you. The Hori are optional and you can side them out for Monarchs but it's up to you. For the fact that I run 4 traps and two decrees, you may think that that is pushing it, and for your preference you may run one decree, but definantly not 0. The decrees never hurt my traps at all, especially if you know how to play Decree right. And since we are running Horus, the Decrees come in quite well.

    Thanks for reading. While you may think that this deck is a long shot, learn to play it, learn the combos hidden in and develop your own techs. I can guarantee that if you know how to play your cards right, this deck is NOT a pushover and is definitely something that any opponent running any format will come to fear.
  2. Jathro

    Jathro New Member

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    The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion cannot be used to summon the Elemental Hero fusions.

    -3x The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
    +1x Treeborn Frog
    +1x Elemental Hero Sparkman
    +1x Elemental Hero Stratos
  3. Aazzlano

    Aazzlano New Member

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    Wrong. The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion is COMPLETELY capable of summoning (edit: my bad, I mean being part of the summoning of) E-Hero Fusions. Though you're right, I forgot a Stratos. The Hexs are in no way, shape, or form there for their ability (or lack there of) to tribute for E-Hero Fusions. They are there for the Cyber Dragons, as well as their ability as a Fusion-Material substitute. Cyber Dragon, Hex, fuse them into Cyber Twin, then Miracle into a Elemental Hero. That's how it's played. Or Miracle Fusion, then Metamorphosis into Cyber Twin.

    Sorry, but there is absolutely no way the Hex's can go, it's not a thing that I am not accepting critque, it's just that you are completely wrong on that fact.
  4. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

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    Either you are just using the wrong word, or you still don't understand how to use Hex Subs.

    You cannot "Fusion Summon" a Cyber Twin or End Dragon with a Fusion Sub. You can only use the effect of Hex to "Special Summon" either Fusion.
  5. Aazzlano

    Aazzlano New Member

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    I meant special summon Cyber, normal summon light hex, and use it's effect to "fuse". I know it's not a fusion summon, I know how my deck works, I'm not just some random noob who misreads card effects, like I said it's here to save the forums. It's a format that DOES work if you know how to use it.

    And besides, theres no Polymerization or Fusion Gate in my deck. Thus, we can conclude that there is no way to Fusion Summon a Cyber Twin Dragon given the cards in my deck, then leading to the fact that the Hex-Fusions are obviously used for their effect, not for their fusion-substitute effect (edit: sorry, I meant in the case of Cyber Dragons, not in Hero.). If They were there for that, I would use Kings of the Swamp and Polymerization. But they aren't.

    But thanks for saying "Either you are just using the wrong word," because I know that I am -not- wrong, I've played this deck for a very long time, ran Hero since I pulled my first Flame Wing from TLM, and Cybers/Hexs since I discovered the synergy between Hero and them.

    Though, to be honest, I don't appreciate a mod storming in and defacing my deck because of a concept he does not understand. It makes NO sense to me why you (in general) take out fusion-substitutes to put in things that will almost never work in this deck unless you sided (ex Treeborn Frog) and ONLY allow ONE hero fusion to be summoned (Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, Clayman+Sparkman). Unless I'm missing something, having the other 11 (Wildedge, Necroid Shaman, Wild Wingman, Shining Flare Wingman, Mudballman, Rampart Blaster, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, Gatling Dragon, Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill, Shining Phoenix Enforcer) fusions in addition to the given 7 (Thunder Giant, Dark Blade the Dragon Knight, Ojama King, Ryu Senshi, Dark Balter, Fiend Skull Dragon, Reaper on the Nightmare) is FAR better than just adding a single Treeborn that will never return, and a sparkman whos going to get run over. The Airman (Stratos) helps, though I have not needed him in the past, but it's a bit of speed that might help, I suppose, though I have never used him in this deck.

    Thank you, and sorry if it seemed like flaming, but again, I don't want the users of here to feel as if this is a noobish attempt to make a working hero deck.

    Oh, and if you really wanted to add another hero, and take out the hex's, don't add a useless one like Sparkman. Add another Wildheart.
  6. Jathro

    Jathro New Member

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    I take exception to your choosing "defacing" to describe an honest attempt to offer suggestions to your deck. If you don't like the fixes, I can live with that. Not all suggestions will fit what you want to do with your deck. But if you don't at least want suggestions, then there's really no point in posting a deck list at all. Please know, I'm not discouraging you from posting a deck, but be prepared to accept the good with the bad. You of course know how the deck works better than anyone. A suggestion is just that, and nothing more. I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to rip apart your deck, as that was not the case at all.
  7. Aazzlano

    Aazzlano New Member

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    Lol I was just trying to get you to post back here o_O, sorry if you took that personally or anything.

    You do understand my points, right? Just wanted to make that clear.

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