Vampiric Cthulhu's have/want list

I don't have any real shipping requirements except that I would prefer to keep trades within the U.S. and that I expect all cards to be real and shipped in a toploader or similair protection. If you care about condition, then just ask. Most of my cards are mint or near-mint.
My Wants

Top Priority Wants
[ycard="DB2-EN081"]Mirror Force[/ycard]
[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
[ycard="EEN-EN022"]Brron, Mad King of Dark World[/ycard] (x2)
[ycard="SOI-EN021"]Chainsaw Insect[/ycard] (x2)
[ycard="SOI-EN024"]Doom Dozer[/ycard]
[ycard="WC4-003"]Slate Warrior[/ycard]
[ycard="DBT-EN002"]D.D. Assailant[/ycard]
[ycard="PGD-029"]Don Zaloog[/ycard]
[ycard="YSD-EN031"]Brain Control[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="IOC-093"]Smashing Ground[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="DR2-EN149"]Enemy Controller[/ycard] (Multiple)

Other Wants
[ycard="DB1-EN228"]Torrential Tribute[/ycard]
[ycard="YSD-EN037"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="DOD-003"]Widespread Ruin[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="DB1-EN075"]Dust Tornado[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="DR1-EN126"]Breaker the Magical Warrior[/ycard]

[ycard="DR2-EN079"]Pinch Hopper[/ycard] (x2)
[ycard="SOD-EN025"]Howling Insect[/ycard] (x3)
[ycard="PGD-076"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="SOD-EN022"]Mobius the Frost Monarch[/ycard]
[ycard="PGD-071"]Yomi Ship[/ycard] (Multiple)
[ycard="SOI-EN003"]Raviel, Lord of Phantasms[/ycard]
[ycard="FET-EN058"]Deck Devastation Virus[/ycard] (x2)
Ultimate Insect LV Series

Make an offer, I'm always looking for weird stuff...


Emperor of Games
im interested in your fusiliers
and ur ghetsu fuhma
and ur [ycard="FET-EN036"]King Dragun[/ycard]
And ur [ycard="FET-EN024"]Shadowslayer[/ycard]
My Haves

Ultimate Rare
TLM [ycard="TLM-EN034"]Elemental Mistress Doriado[/ycard]
TLM [ycard="TLM-EN057"]Token Feastevil[/ycard]

Secret Rare
MC1 [ycard="MC1-EN002"]Barrel Dragon[/ycard]
SDD [ycard="SDD-002"]Sinister Serpent[/ycard]
MC1 [ycard="DDS-003"]Exodia the Forbidden One[/ycard]
MC1 [ycard="SDP-001"]Relinquished[/ycard]
WC4 [ycard="WC4-001"]Fairy King Truesdale[/ycard]
MFC [ycard="MFC-107"]Diffusion Wave-Motion[/ycard]
PSV [ycard="PSV-EN104"]Imperial Order[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DCR [ycard="DR1-EN267"]Judgment of Anubis[/ycard] (1st Ed.)

Ultra Rare
SD2 [ycard="SD2-EN001"]Vampire Genesis[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SD2 [ycard="SD2-EN001"]Vampire Genesis[/ycard]
SD1 [ycard="SD1-EN001"]Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SDJ [ycard="BPT-005"]Red-Eyes B. Dragon[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
JMP [ycard="SDK-001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard]
SDK [ycard="SDK-001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard]
MFC [ycard="MFC-026"]Paladin of White Dragon[/ycard]
2x SD5 [ycard="SD5-EN001"]Gilford the Legend[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SYE [ycard="SYE-024"]Black Luster Soldier[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x SD6 [ycard="SD6-EN001"]Dark Eradicator Warlock[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
3x EP1 [ycard="EP1-EN001"]Theinen the Great Sphinx[/ycard]
3x EP1 [ycard="EP1-EN002"]Andro Sphinx[/ycard]
3x EP1 [ycard="EP1-EN003"]Sphinx Teleia[/ycard]
SKE [ycard="SKE-015"]Kaiser Sea Horse[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x RDS [ycard="MFC-107"]Diffusion Wave-Motion[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="IOC-094"]Dimension Fusion[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LOD [ycard="TP6-EN015"]Last Turn[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="PGD-000"]Ring of Destruction[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="YSD-EN040"]Magic Cylinder[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="DB2-EN076"]Horn of Heaven[/ycard]

Super Rare
MOV [ycard="MOV-EN001"]Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon[/ycard]
SKE [ycard="SDK-001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DP2 [ycard="SD1-ENDE1"]Armed Dragon LV7[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MRL [ycard="DB1-EN013"]Invader of the Throne[/ycard]
DB2 [ycard="DB2-EN114"]Command Knight[/ycard]
MFC [ycard="MFC-054"]YZ-Tank Dragon[/ycard]
SYE [ycard="PCY-004"]Dark Magician[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x SDK [ycard="SKE-016"]Lord of D.[/ycard]
DL1 [ycard="PSV-EN084"]Thousand-Eyes Restrict[/ycard]
LON [ycard="TP5-EN007"]Bazoo the Soul-Eater[/ycard]
MFC [ycard="SD4-EN007"]Tribe-Infecting Virus[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOI [ycard="SOI-EN034"]Ruin, Queen of Oblivion[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
RDS [ycard="RDS-EN045"]Monster Reincarnation[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
WC5 [ycard="WC5-EN003"]Mind Control[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="DB1-EN165"]Tribute to The Doomed[/ycard]
LON [ycard="LON-EN017"]Mask of Dispel[/ycard]
SOD [ycard="SOD-EN043"]Ectoplasmer[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x SDK [ycard="SDK-042"]The Flute of Summoning Dragon[/ycard]
RDS [ycard="RDS-EN039"]Triangle Ecstasy Spark[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SYE [ycard="SYE-025"]Black Luster Ritual[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SKE [ycard="SKE-041"]Shadow Spell[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOD [ycard="SOD-EN060"]Hallowed Life Barrier[/ycard]
PGD [ycard="PGD-095"]Barrel Behind the Door[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOD [ycard="SOD-EN055"]Greed[/ycard] (1st Ed.)

AST [ycard="DR2-EN191"]Double Coston[/ycard]
DCR [ycard="DCR-025"]Fear from the Dark[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DCR [ycard="DCR-025"]Fear from the Dark[/ycard]
PGD [ycard="PGD-019"]Wandering Mummy[/ycard]
PSV [ycard="PSV-EN090"]Red-Moon Baby[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LOB [ycard="LOB-EN029"]Flame Ghost[/ycard]
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN005"]Jack's Knight[/ycard]
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN006"]King's Knight[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x EEN [ycard="EEN-EN004"]Queen's Knight[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN010"]Chthonian Soldier[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
IOC [ycard="DR2-EN090"]Getsu Fuhma[/ycard]
MRL [ycard="DB1-EN049"]Karate Man[/ycard]
LOD [ycard="LOD-EN025"]Shadow Tamer[/ycard]
DB1 [ycard="PSV-EN086"]Hayabusa Knight[/ycard]
LOB [ycard="SDP-018"]Armed Ninja[/ycard]
RDS [ycard="RDS-EN031"]Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DP2 [ycard="DP2-EN016"]VW-Tiger Catapult[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MFC [ycard="DR1-EN077"]Helping Robo For Combat[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="DR2-EN026"]Drillago[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOI [ycard="SOI-EN010"]Proto-Cyber Dragon[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x MRL [ycard="DB1-EN054"]Flying Kamakiri #1[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MRD [ycard="DB2-EN068"]Bladefly[/ycard]
PSV [ycard="PSV-EN091"]Mad Sword Beast[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DB2 [ycard="SDP-014"]Witch of the Black Forest[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="TP3-018"]Dark Elf[/ycard]
2x EEN [ycard="SD6-EN016"]Rapid-Fire Magician[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LOB [ycard="LOB-EN027"]Aqua Madoor[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="DB1-EN154"]Masked Sorcerer[/ycard]
LON [ycard="TP5-EN011"]Jowgen the Spiritualist[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x DB2 [ycard="TP5-EN011"]Jowgen the Spiritualist[/ycard]
MRL [ycard="SRL-EN094"]Mystic Tomato[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="IOC-057"]Mad Dog of Darkness[/ycard]
MRL [ycard="SD4-EN005"]Mother Grizzly[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LOD [ycard="TP6-EN014"]Thunder Nyan Nyan[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
AST [ycard="HL1-EN006"]King of the Swamp[/ycard]
MRL [ycard="HL2-EN001"]Cyber Jar[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="SDP-016"]Muka Muka[/ycard]
2x MRL [ycard="DB1-EN052"]Shining Angel[/ycard]
LON [ycard="LON-EN008"]Amphibian Beast[/ycard]
FET [ycard="SD6-EN027"]Spell Absorption[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="MRD-EN131"]Shield & Sword[/ycard]
2x DR1 [ycard="DR1-EN256"]Pandemonium[/ycard]
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN044"]Chthonian Alliance[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN044"]Chthonian Alliance[/ycard]
SOI [ycard="SOI-EN041"]Phantasmal Martyrs[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MRL [ycard="SRL-EN043"]Rush Recklessly[/ycard]
IOC [ycard="IOC-097"]Ultra Evolution Pill[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DB2 [ycard="LON-EN094"]Spiritualism[/ycard]
MFC [ycard="DR1-EN094"]Tribute Doll[/ycard]
2x TLM [ycard="TLM-EN045"]Legendary Black Belt[/ycard]
EEN [ycard="EEN-EN042"]Feather Shot[/ycard]
LOD [ycard="LOD-EN027"]The A. Forces[/ycard]
PSV [ycard="PSV-EN039"]Prohibition[/ycard]
RDS [ycard="RDS-EN037"]Serial Spell[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DCR [ycard="DCR-035"]Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MRL [ycard="SRL-EN054"]Horn of the Unicorn[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOI [ycard="SOI-EN042"]Cyclone Boomerang[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
RDS [ycard="SD3-EN025"]Necklace of Command[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
PGD [ycard="TP5-EN020"]Dark Designator[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LON [ycard="LON-EN092"]Spirit Message "L"[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
LOD [ycard="LOD-EN091"]Royal Oppression[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
DB2 [ycard="LOD-EN091"]Royal Oppression[/ycard]
MRD [ycard="MRD-EN135"]Robbin' Goblin[/ycard]
2x RDS [ycard="RDS-EN052"]Rare Metalmorph[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
SOI [ycard="SOI-EN053"]Karma Cut[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x IOC [ycard="DR2-EN052"]Chain Disappearance[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
IOC [ycard="DR2-EN102"]Destruction Ring[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
2x IOC [ycard="DR2-EN102"]Destruction Ring[/ycard]
2x PGD [ycard="DB2-EN247"]Reckless Greed[/ycard]
2x DB2 [ycard="DB2-EN243"]Statue of the Wicked[/ycard]
DB2 [ycard="SD5-EN036"]Blast with Chain[/ycard]
RDS [ycard="RDS-EN060"]Covering Fire[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
TP5 [ycard="DR1-EN047"]Trap of Board Eraser[/ycard]
AST [ycard="DR2-EN222"]Soul Resurrection[/ycard] (1st Ed.)
MFC [ycard="DR1-EN152"]Dramatic Rescue[/ycard]


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When making trade lists please follow this format.Just edit your first 3 posts(and post a 4th one) and i will delete this post along with ChaosEmperor12's post.
Pending Trades:

None at the current time...

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Trades successfully completed with:

chaos general (2)

Jathro (1)

pssvr (1)

sirch1964 (3)


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There are a few things I'm interested in from you. If you see something of mine that you want, let's work something out.

My trade thread is in my signature. Thanks for looking.
Nak44: There's nothing on your have list I would be willing to part with my TIV and [ycard="FET-EN040"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard] for. Sorry!

Jathro: There are some cards on your have list that interest me, just let me know what you want and we can probably work something out.


leet is for losers
this might seem like a really tiny trade, but i'd trade magican of faith and a reaper for either mefist or [ycard="DR1-EN206"]Different Dimension Gate[/ycard]
shadowdragon: [ycard="DR1-EN206"]Different Dimension Gate[/ycard] for [ycard="DB1-EN163"]Magician of Faith[/ycard] and [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard]? Deal. PM me with details.

chaos general: I sent you a pm.


Don't fear da Reaper
I am interested in your SR Gearfried, [ycard="RDS-EN016"]Sasuke Samurai #4[/ycard], [ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard], [ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard], Dark Scorpion Comination

I have [ycard="PGD-035"]Book of Moon[/ycard] DB2-EN232, [ycard="AST-063"]Theban Nightmare[/ycard] AST-063 1st Rare, [ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard] DB2-EN143, [ycard="DCR-072"]Terrorking Archfiend[/ycard] DCR-072 Super, [ycard="LOB-EN071"]Reaper of the Cards[/ycard] LOB-EN071.
How about...

Gearfried (Super)
Sasuke #4 (Rare)
[ycard="DCR-098"]Dark Scorpion Combination[/ycard] (Rare)
[ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard] (Common)

For Your:
[ycard="DCR-072"]Terrorking Archfiend[/ycard] (Super)
[ycard="AST-063"]Theban Nightmare[/ycard] (Rare)
[ycard="LOB-EN071"]Reaper of the Cards[/ycard] (Rare)
[ycard="PGD-035"]Book of Moon[/ycard] (Common)
[ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard] (Common)

Also, do you have any spare [ycard="DCR-094"]Pandemonium[/ycard]s you could part with? I really need them. Thanks a lot.
I'd be willing to part with my [ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard] or pretty much any of my Rare Zombies or Fiends ([ycard="DCR-025"]Fear from the Dark[/ycard] maybe, if you don't have one). Also, what about my other offer? Thanks a lot.


Don't fear da Reaper
okay, [ycard="DCR-094"]Pandemonium[/ycard] for [ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard]. The other part sounds great. If you want to pm me and give me you address, we can get this deal going.

your [ycard="PSV-EN101"]Gearfried the Iron Knight[/ycard], [ycard="RDS-EN016"]Sasuke Samurai #4[/ycard], [ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard] , [ycard="DCR-098"]Dark Scorpion Combination[/ycard], and [ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard], [ycard="TLM-EN052"][ycard="TLM-EN052"]Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button[/ycard][/ycard, and a common [ycard="PSV-EN035"]Nobleman of Extermination[/ycard]
[ycard="PGD-035"]Book of Moon[/ycard], [ycard="LOB-EN071"]Reaper of the Cards[/ycard], [ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard], [ycard="AST-063"]Theban Nightmare[/ycard], [ycard="DCR-072"]Terrorking Archfiend[/ycard], [ycard="DCR-094"]Pandemonium[/ycard], and [ycard="DR1-EN225"]Great Maju Garzett[/ycard]