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Water Deck!

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Vasco, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Vasco

    Vasco New Member

    Trophy Points:
    Crystal Seer
    Treeborn Frog
    Spined Gillman x3
    Codarus x3
    Abyssal Kingshark
    Armed Sea Hunter x3
    Snowman Eater x2
    Warrior of Atlantis x3
    Levia-Dragon – Daedalus x2

    A Legendary Ocean x3
    Brain Control
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Level Limit – Area B
    Salvage x2
    Swords of Revealing Light

    Forgotten Temple of the Deep x2
    Gravity Bind
    Metal Reflect Slime
    Mind Crush x2
    Mirror Force
    Solemn Judgment
    Spiritual Water Art – Aoi x3
    Torrential Tribute
  2. theDMKAPF

    theDMKAPF New Member

    Trophy Points:
    whats the win/lose rate?
  3. stay70573

    stay70573 CoG iTrader

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    okay, my friend runs a really good water deck
    penguin soldier and nightmare penguins
    tornado wall is a major
    add moray of greed
    and add cards that are good walls, to stall it out
    neo aqua maddor
    aqua madoor
    suijin, a card long forgotten, except by a rare few, is a water tye 7 stars, but with alo it becomes 6 stars with a high boost and an nasty effect
  4. Seto Kaiba

    Seto Kaiba New Member

    Trophy Points:
    okay, this deck is sweet but im seeing a few issues. the biggest one would be Levia-Dragon – Daedalus, although this card was good back in the day, hes to outdated to continue to use. Because he destroys and so many people run starlight road and my body as a shield they make him a major hinder instead of a help to ocean decks. :( sorry but the cards almost dead in todays formats. Codarus is good because he SENDS which means the only way to stop him is divine wrath or by cards that cant be targeted. What you could do to help speed the deck up is replace your 2 Levia Dragons for Mother Grizzly and take out Treeborn frog for Sangan for extra search power. id replace the 2 Forgotten Temple of the Deeps for Dark Bribes and Mind Crush along with Swords of Revealing Light for 2 Moray of Greeds. You may also want to consider swapping out 2 Spined Gillman and the Crystal Seer for 3 Deep Sea Divas and try to find the Card Brionac, Dragon of the Ice barrier. I know alot of the listed cards are hard to find (that goes double for Brionac) but i think it would be in your best interest to give it a shot. Please consider playtesting this version to see how it runs and make adjustments to fit your playstyle. this will make your deck hella faster and run more effective in todays format. If this helps please look up the deck ive posted named Kisara and please rate/leave feedback to help me out. thanks.

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