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Xeno's Haves/Wants

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by Xeno, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    Hey all,

    1) I sent all my cards/packages via UPS, so I would request that all cards sent to me are also insured or at least tracked.

    2) I'm happy to send cards just about anywhere (as long as UPS deliver there).

    3) All my cards are MINT unless otherwise stated. I will only accept mint cards (sorry, I'm strange like that).

    Questions / Requests email or chat on MSN on gileyd_eliav@hotmail.com

    Please note that I live in the United Kingdom - I know some of you don't want to trade outside the US.
  2. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    Secret Rares

    [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard] (CT1)
    [ycard="CT1-EN003"]Command Knight[/ycard] (CT1)
    Dark Ruler of Hades (MC1)
    [ycard="CT2-EN002"]Exarion Universe[/ycard] (CT2)
    [ycard="DB1-EN170"]Exchange[/ycard] (EDS)
    [ycard="TLM-ENSE1"]Invader of Darkness[/ycard] 1/E (IOC)
    [ycard="FMR-003"]Metalmorph[/ycard] (FMR)
    [ycard="TSC-002"]Riryoku[/ycard] (TSC)
    [ycard="TLM-ENSE4"]The End of Anubis[/ycard] 1/E (AST)

    Ultra Rares

    Amazoness Sword Woman (MFC)
    [ycard="AST-034"]Archlord Zerato[/ycard] 1/E (AST)
    [ycard="SOD-EN015"]Armed Dragon LV7[/ycard] 1/E (SOD)
    [ycard="SYE-024"]Black Luster Soldier[/ycard] - Envoy 1/E (IOC)
    [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard] (DB2)
    Chaos Emperor Dragon (TLM)
    [ycard="DR1-EN215"]Cost Down[/ycard] 1/E (DCR)
    [ycard="IOC-094"]Dimension Fusion[/ycard] (IOC)
    [ycard="DR1-EN161"]Double Spell[/ycard] (MFC)
    [ycard="IOC-087"]Guardian Angel Joan[/ycard] 1/E (IOC)
    [ycard="AST-018"]Gear Golem the Moving Fortress[/ycard] 1/E (AST)
    [ycard="PSV-EN104"]Imperial Order[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="DB1-EN067"]Jinzo[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="DCR-051"]Kaiser Glider[/ycard] (DB2)
    [ycard="SKE-015"]Kaiser Sea Horse[/ycard] (SKE)
    Magical Cylinder (IOC)
    [ycard="DB2-EN112"]Obnoxious Celtic Guard[/ycard]ian (DB2)
    [ycard="SD1-EN001"]Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon[/ycard] (SD1)
    [ycard="PGD-000"]Ring of Destruction[/ycard] (IOC)
    [ycard="DR1-EN054"]Rope of Life[/ycard] (PGD)
    [ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard] (MRL)
    The Agent of Judgement - Saturn 1/E (AST)
    [ycard="DB1-EN228"]Torrential Tribute[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="DB1-EN244"]United We Stand[/ycard] (LON)
    [ycard="SD2-EN001"]Vampire Genesis[/ycard] (SD2)
    [ycard="DCR-000"]Vampire Lord[/ycard] (RDS)
    [ycard="DR1-EN054"]Rope of Life[/ycard] (PGD)

    Super Rares

    [ycard="FET-EN037"]A Feather of the Phoenix[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
    [ycard="DB2-EN173"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard] (DB2)
    [ycard="FET-EN014"]Behemoth the King of All Animals[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
    [ycard="FET-EN020"]Blast Magician[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
    [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] 1/E (TLM)
    [ycard="PSV-EN050"]Buster Blader[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="TLM-EN037"]Card of Sanctity[/ycard] 1/E (TLM)
    D.D. Warrior Lady (DCR)
    [ycard="DR1-EN179"]Dark Flare Knight[/ycard] (DR1)
    Deck Devestation Virus 1/E (FET)
    [ycard="PGD-029"]Don Zaloog[/ycard] (DB2)
    [ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard] (LOD)
    [ycard="PSV-EN094"]Goblin Attack Force[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard] (MRD)
    Horus Lv6 1/E (SOD)
    [ycard="FET-EN036"]King Dragun[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
    Kycoo The Ghost Hunter 1/E (LON)
    [ycard="FET-EN040"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
    [ycard="DR1-EN180"]Mirage Knight[/ycard] (DR1)
    [ycard="SD4-EN012"]Mobius the Frost Monarch[/ycard] 1/E (SOD)
    [ycard="RDS-EN045"]Monster Reincarnation[/ycard] 1/E (RDS)
    [ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard] (DB1)
    [ycard="SOD-EN033"]Penumbral Soldier Lady[/ycard] (SOD)
    [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard] (DB1)
    Shinato King of a Higher Plane (DR1)
    [ycard="DB2-EN152"]Spear Dragon[/ycard] 1/E (LOD)
    The Agent of Force Mars 1/E (AST)
    [ycard="AST-042"]The Sanctuary in the Sky[/ycard] 1/E (AST)
    [ycard="DB2-EN119"]Toon Gemini Elf[/ycard] (DL6)
    Tribe Infecting Virus 1/E (MFC)
    Winger [ycard="MRD-EN071"]Kuriboh[/ycard] (TLM)
  3. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

    Trophy Points:

    [ycard="JMP-EN003"]Archfiend of Gilfer[/ycard]
    [ycard="BPT-006"]B. Skull Dragon[/ycard]
    Big Shield Guardna
    [ycard="PCK-001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard] (SDK version).
    [ycard="CRV-EN016"]Cybernetic Magician[/ycard]
    Dark Master Zorc
    [ycard="DR1-EN160"]Dark Paladin[/ycard] (prefer DMG version).
    [ycard="LOB-EN124"]Exodia the Forbidden One[/ycard]
    [ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard]
    [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard]
    [ycard="CT2-EN001"]Gilford the Lightning[/ycard] (more than one if possible)
    Horus Lv8
    [ycard="SOD-EN042"]Inferno Fire Blast[/ycard]
    Magician's Circle
    Manju of The Ten Thousands Hands (more than one if possible)
    [ycard="LOD-EN018"]Marauding Captain[/ycard]
    [ycard="SOD-EN012"]Mystic Swordsman LV4[/ycard]
    [ycard="DB2-EN106"]Royal Decree[/ycard] (DB2 version)
    [ycard="DCR-012"]Reflect Bounder[/ycard]
    [ycard="LOB-EN070"]Red-Eyes B. Dragon[/ycard] (any holo version)
    [ycard="FET-EN005"]Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys[/ycard]
    [ycard="FET-EN008"]Silent Swordsman LV5[/ycard]
    [ycard="WC4-003"]Slate Warrior[/ycard] (more than one if possible)
    [ycard="IOC-007"]Strike Ninja[/ycard]
    [ycard="AST-023"]Zaborg the Thunder Monarch[/ycard]
  4. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    Commerce Post:

  5. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Trophy Points:
    you have a great list, I just wished you needed something I have.
  6. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

    Trophy Points:
    You have The [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard]!! Anything I can offer you for it?
  7. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

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    Sorry, my bad. I didn't realize I had not removed it from my list. If you give me until next monday, I should be able to get one though. I'll let you know. Sorry once again.
  8. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    That's a shame. Please do let me know when you get one!
  9. Vampiric Cthulhu

    Vampiric Cthulhu New Member

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    I would do [ycard="JMP-EN003"]Archfiend of Gilfer[/ycard] for your [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] and maybe a few throw-ins...

    cml for anything else you may want (the link is in my sig)
  10. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Trophy Points:
    I would take that [ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard] for the ske001 Blue eye dragon. I also got ahold of Apophis, make a offer from anything else I have on my list.
  11. deepdark

    deepdark New Member

    Trophy Points:
    I am interested in your [ycard="FMR-003"]Metalmorph[/ycard] and am also wondering if you have or can get a Meseric Control. I have plenty of your wants. I am mostly wanting a Mesmeric, let me know if you can get one. Thanks.
  12. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

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    I don't have MC but I can get one within the next week for the right deal.

    I'm going to have a look at your trade list now and get back to you ok?
  13. AtrusOfKrondor

    AtrusOfKrondor New Member

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    Would you happen to have a [ycard="DB2-EN106"]Royal Decree[/ycard]....I am also looking for a PCY [ycard="DB1-EN102"]Dark Magician[/ycard], any chance you have one or could get one????
  14. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Trophy Points:
    okay, I have Blue Eye White Dragon SKE-001 and [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard].

    I would like to get a hold of your [ycard="DB1-EN170"]Exchange[/ycard], [ycard="AST-095"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard], [ycard="DB1-EN244"]United We Stand[/ycard], Deck Devestation Virus, [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] and [ycard="RDS-EN045"]Monster Reincarnation[/ycard].

    What else do you need that's not currently on your list, just give me some rough ideas so I can make a fair offer to you.
  15. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Trophy Points:
    These are the cards I have that you want:

    [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard] x1
    [ycard="LOB-EN070"]Red-Eyes B. Dragon[/ycard] (any holo version) these are only in good condition. x2
    [ycard="AST-023"]Zaborg the Thunder Monarch[/ycard] (more than one if possible) x1

    this is what I am interested in:

    [ycard="AST-095"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard] (AST)
    [ycard="DB1-EN102"]Dark Magician[/ycard] (Alternative Art) - (DB1)
    [ycard="RDS-ENSE1"]Diffusion Wave-Motion[/ycard] (RDS)
    [ycard="FET-EN040"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard] 1/E (FET)
  16. Xeno

    Xeno Gold Member

    Trophy Points:
    Sounds awesome about the Zaborg and Embodiement. Can you just elaborate on the Red-Eyes condition?

    As it stands, how about my [ycard="AST-095"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard], Diffusion Wave and [ycard="DB1-EN102"]Dark Magician[/ycard] (DB1) for Zaborg and Embodiment?
  17. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Trophy Points:
    Sounds good. The red eyes B. Dragons I don't really think are worth trading. I hate giving anybody cards that I wouldn't want to take.

    So your [ycard="AST-095"]Dark Magic Attack[/ycard], Diffusion Wave Motion and [ycard="DB1-EN102"]Dark Magician[/ycard] for Zaborg and the [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard].
  18. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    Trophy Points:
    interested in [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard], [ycard="PGD-029"]Don Zaloog[/ycard], and d.d. warrior lady

    I have [ycard="WC4-003"]Slate Warrior[/ycard], [ycard="SP1-EN003"]Embodiment of Apophis[/ycard], and I can get pretty much anything on that list.

    Make me an offer.
  19. shadowdragon

    shadowdragon leet is for losers

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    xeno, think i could pry that uws and [ycard="MFC-106"]Double Spell[/ycard] away from you for a jump red eyes (mint) and sacred phoenix of Nephtys?
  20. Fuzzman

    Fuzzman Unleash the Beast

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    im Interested in [ycard="DCR-051"]Kaiser Glider[/ycard] and Have both Holo Versions of [ycard="PCJ-EN001"]Red-Eyes B. Dragon[/ycard] the Joey one and the other cool art one.
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