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[xrofa H/W] check this out! ^^

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by xrofa8, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    My trading rules:

    - Ref rules apply
    - I will ship anywhere, but i prefer to ship to Europe.
    - Please use a toploader or some other hard case when shipping.
    I will look at your list if you ask.
    - No rippers
    - Sorry about my English , cuz im from Portugal
    - Have fun! ^^
  2. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    My Wants:

    Thestalos SUPER (i can give the comum) 1x
    Mobius SUPER (
    i can give the comum) 1x
    Dekoichi ULTIMATE (
    i can give the comum) 1x
    Treeborn ULTIMATE (
    i can give the raro) 1x
    i can give the Secret)
    Card Trooper 2x
    Royal Decree 2x
    Jinzo 1x

    if you dont have anything of my wants, give me the link and i will check your list! ^^
  3. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    *** - Decked
    Writen on GREEN - New


    Total positive feedback: 50

    you can check my iTrader rating right here
    (Portuguese Forum)


    Other YGO Haves:



    Flame Swordsman named Cyber Stein
    Harpies Pet Baby Dragon Nameless
    Tribute to the Doomed named Marauding Captain


    Heavy Storm HL2-EN004


    Dark Magician Girl SY2-011

    Ultimate e Secret/Promo:

    Magic Cylinder LON-104
    Blue Eyes Toon Dragon MRL-E000
    Beta The Magnet Warrior DOR-E002
    Valkyrion The Magna Warrior WC4
    Victory Dragon LIMITED EDITION JUMP-EN011
    Aegis of Gaia(Gaias Schirmherrschaft) STON-DE068
    Zeradias, Herald of Heaven FOTB-EN018 1st Edition
    Radiant Mirror Force FOTB-EN055
    Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins FOTB-EN045
    Cyber Dragon CT03-EN002 4x ***
    Mirror Force SY2-032
    Zombyra The Dark SY2-019
    Royal Decree SY2-053
    Silent Swordsman LV5 EEN-ENSE
    Jinzo PSV-E000 ***
    Elemental Hero Neos Alius TAEV-EN018 ULTIMATE
    Acid Trap Hole SDD-E002
    Neos Force ULTIMATE STON-EN039 1st Edition


    Red Eyes B. Dragon SDJ-001
    Dark Magician SDY-E005
    Blue Eyes White Dragon SDK-E001
    Dark Erradicator Warlock SD6-EN001
    Esfinge Teleia
    Esfinge Andro
    Simorgh Bird of Divinity SD8-EN001
    Diffusion Wave-Motion RDS-ENSE1 Limited Edition 3x
    Seven Tools of Bandits MRD-E129
    Black Skull Dragon (100% mint) MRD-E018
    Perna Esquerda de "O Proíbido" LDB-P121 1st Edition***
    Left Arm Of The Forbidden One LOB-E100***
    Exodia "O Proíbido" LDB-P124 1st Edition***
    Right Arm of The Forbidden One LOB-E099***
    Right Leg of The Forbidden One LOB-E097***
    Volcanic Doomfire 1st Edition FOTB-EN008
    Ancient Lamp LIMITED EDITION SP2-EN001
    Elemental Hero Air Neos (Elementarheld Air Neos) STON-DE034
    Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End TLM-ENSE2
    Rare Value FOTB-EN033
    Magical Dimension SY2-022
    Enemy Controller AST-PT037 2x ***
    Goblin Attack Force PSV-094
    Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus FOTB-EN007
    Uria, Lod of Searing Flames SOI-EN001
    Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman EEN-EN036
    Elemental Hero Aqua Neos POTD-EN031 1st Edition


    Dragão Branco de Olhos Azuis SKE-PT001
    Ultimate Tyrano POTD-EN020
    Penguin Soldier SDJ-022
    Heavy Storm MRD
    Graceful Charity SDP-040
    Soul Exchange SDY-E037
    Time Wizard DL1-E001
    Hallowed Life Barrier DR3-EN060
    Cyber End Altr. Art
    Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer
    Elemental Hero Dark Neos
    Neo-Spacian Dark Panther
    Destiny Hero Dogma
    Fusion Guard 3x
    Ancient Gear Castle
    Sanga of The Thunder 1st Edition PMT-P025
    Sky Scourge Enrise FOTB-EN021 2x
    Radiant Mirror Force FOTB-EN055
    Confiscation MRL-038
    Aquarian Alessa TAEV-EN020
    Shrink STON-ENSE2 1xZaborg The Thunder Monarch ***
    Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch RDS-EN021 2x ***
    Mobius The Frost Monarch SOD-EN022 2x ***
    Demise, King of Armageddon SOI-EN035 2x
    Necro Gardna TAEV-EN012
    Ruin, Queen of Oblivion SOI-EN035
    Goblin Elite Attack Force CRV-EN020
    Time Wizard DB2-EN038
    Card Trader STON-EN046
    Great Shogun Shien STON-EN013 1st Edition
    Granmarg The Rock Monarch FET-EN009

    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon MOV-PT001
    Lucky Pied Piper TAEV-EN021
    Raigeki LOB-E042
    Bazoo The Soul Eater LON-E064
    Time Wizard DB2-EN038
    Mirror Force DB2-EN081
    Raiza The Storm Monarch FOTB-EN026
    Nobleman of Crossout (Espanhol)
    Brain Control (Espanhol)
    Brain Control (Ingles)


    Lesser Fiend LOD-003
    Memory Crusher SOI-EN029
    Hane Hane LOB-110
    Infernal Incenerator DP2-EN009
    Proto-Cyber Dragon SOI-EN010
    Adhesive Explosive SOI-EN011
    Ultimate Insect LV1 SOD-EN005
    Level Modulation DP2-EN019
    Chama Final LDB-P100
    Spell Calling POTD-EN039
    Spiritualism LON-094
    Ojamuscle DP2-EN021
    Egotista Elegante PMT-P024
    Carniçal Violador de Tumulos LDB-P065
    Lobo Flor LDB-P107
    Karbonala Warrior LOB-067
    VW-Tiger Catapult DP2-EN016
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon DP2-EN014
    VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon DP2-EN017
    Return of The Doomed LON-021
    Shadow Tammer LOD-025
    Flying Kamakiri #1
    Dimensional Inversion
    Rising Energy
    harpies pet baby dragon
    Royal Surrender DR3-EN239
    Pot of Greed
    Vanity's Fiend
    Ultimate Insect LV3 RDS-EN007
    Dark Catapulter CRV-EN013
    Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer
    Elemental Hero Flare Neos
    Destiny Hero – Fear Monger 2x
    Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude
    Destiny Hero – Dogma
    Destiny Hero – Dreadmaster
    Destiny Hero – Double Dude
    Fusiler Dragon, The Dual Mode Beast 2x
    Neo Spacian Grand Mole
    Neo Spacian Flare Scarab
    Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV4
    Cyber Barrier Dragon
    Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin
    Power Bond 4x
    Neos Force
    Clock Tower Prison
    Enemy Controller
    Elemental Hero Aqua Neos
    Big Shield Gardna CP01
    Magical Dimension CP02-EN049
    Life Equalizer EOJ-EN049
    Ressurreição de Almas AST-PT109
    Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja FOTB-EN024 4x
    Rush Recklessly MRL-E043
    TheStalos The Firestorm Monarch TP8-EN009
    Granmarg The Rock Monarch TP8-EN007
    Doom Dozer 1st Edition SOI-EN020
    Twister STON-EN042
    Gravekeeper's Watcher PGD-064
    Pulling The Rug STON-EN060 2x
    Harpie Queen 2x
    Gravekeeper's Commandant
    Volcanic Sliver
    Volcanic Shell
    Zeradias, Herald of Heaven 2x
    Lucky Iron Axe 3x
    Kuriboh CP02-EN006
    Ring of Destruction CP02-EN008
    Dark Master - Zorc CP02-EN010
    Abyss Soldier CP02-En007
    Bottomless Traphole LOD-092 ***
    Dekoichi The Battlechanted Locomotive RDS-EN032 ***
    Enemy Controller CP01-EN010 ***
    Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch 3x ***
    Zaborg The Thunder Monarch 4x ***
    Mystic Tomato DB1-EN057 ***
    Treeborn Frog SOI-EN025 ***
    Elemental Hero Marine Neos TAEV-EN041
    Manticore of Darkness CP03-EN008

    better ask for ^^

  4. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    Pending/Completed Trades

    Nothing at the moment​
  5. xrofa8

    xrofa8 New Member

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    new cards, new wants :)
  6. LeviaDragon

    LeviaDragon Evil Fishy

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    Hello, could you check for any GK spys..from your list i have 2 common royal decree's, and a super thestalos. (little bend on top corner)

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