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Yami_Scott's Trade List

Discussion in 'Battle City Trading (YGO)' started by Yami_Scott, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Yami_Scott

    Yami_Scott CoG iTrader

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    1. Shipping Costs are carried out by the person in trading. Example (not that I really need one), if I make a trade to pssvr (hope you don't mind me using your name), I pay for what is sent to him, while he pays for what is sent to me.
    2. If you have feedback higher than me, I will ship out the cards first. On the other hand, if you have feedback less than mine, I want you to send me your cards first. Of course, that does not mean I will not agree to send the cards out around the same time.
    3. Posting or PMing me is fine.
    4. Let's just try to keep this peaceful and have fun. :)

    I look forward to trading with anyone and hope we all have a pleasurable experience.
  2. Yami_Scott

    Yami_Scott CoG iTrader

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    My Wants:

    1/e = 1st Edition

    STON-EN034 Elemental Hero Air Neos 1/e
    Any of the 1/e Secret Rares in STON-EN and FOTB-EN
    Any of the English Ojama or Sheep Tokens
    Any of the Elemental Hero Collection Secret Rares
    Any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Cards from the Mattel toys
    DBT-EN2 D.D. Assailant
    DP2-EN010 Armed Dragon LV10 1/e
    Also will do CML if necessary.
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  3. Yami_Scott

    Yami_Scott CoG iTrader

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    My Haves:

    1/e = 1st Edition

    (2) SOI-ENSE3 Windstorm of Etaqua
    (1) TLM-ENSE1 Invader of Darkness
    (1) SOI-ENSE1 Acid Trap Hole
    (1) RDS-ENSE1 Diffusion Wave-Motion
    (1) DL5-EN001 Restructer Revolution
    (2) TAEV-ENSE1 Masked Beast Des Gardius
    (3) TAEV-ENSE2 The Mask of Remnants
    (1) MP01-EN001 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant

    Secret Rare
    (3) PP01-EN001 Magician of Black Chaos
    (3) PP01-EN002 Black Magic Ritual
    (3) PP01-EN005 Gemini Imps
    (1) PP02-EN015 Carrierroid
    (1) PP01-EN004 Marshmallon Glasses
    (1) PP01-EN012 Javelin Beetle Pact
    (1) PP02-EN004 Elemental Hero Woodsman
    (3) PP02-EN015 Carrierroid
    (1) PP02-EN010 Elemental Hero Inferno
    (3) PP02-EN009 Elemental Hero Terra Firma
    (3) PP02-EN012 Hero’s Bond

    Super Rare:
    (1) RDS-EN039 Triangle Ecstasy Spark 1/e
    (1) RDS-EN057 Pikeru’s Circle of Enchantment 1/e
    (1) DP1-EN022 Burst Return 1/e
    (1) SDK-042 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
    (1) SDK-041 Lord of D.
    (2) SOI-EN047 Ancient Gear Castle (1 is 1/e, 1 is u/e)
    (1) EEN-EN032 Cyber Blader 1/e
    (6) PP01-EN009 Legacy of Yata-Garasu
    (2) PP01-EN010 Zera Ritual
    (2) PP01-EN011 Zera the Mant
    (2) PP01-EN012 Javelin Beetle Pact
    (2) PP01-EN013 Javelin Beetle
    (7) PP01-EN015 Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
    (1) DP1-EN016 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 1/e
    (1) DP1-EN023 Bubble Blaster 1/e
    (1) DP1-EN030 Clay Charge 1/e
    (1) DP03-EN030 Kid Guard 1/e
    (1) PTDN-EN022 Doomsday Horror 1/e
    (1) DP05-EN013 Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer 1/e
    (1) DP06-EN012 Evil Hero Infernal Sniper 1/e
    (1) DP07-EN009 Grinder Golem 1/e
    (1) PP02-EN003 Sengenjin
    (7) PP02-EN008 Elemental Hero Lady Heat
    (2) PP02-EN005 Elemental Hero Knospe
    (2) PP02-EN019 Hecatrice
    (1) PP02-EN007 Elemental Hero Heat
    (7) PP02-EN002 War-Lion Ritual
    (7) PP02-EN006 Elemental Hero Poison Rose
    (7) PP02-EN001 Super War-Lion
    (6) PP02-EN011 Rose Bud
    (6) PP02-EN013 Terra Firma Gravity
    (1) LODT-EN081 Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid 1/e

    (2) DP1-EN011 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant 1/e
    (1) DP2-EN014 XYZ-Dragon Cannon 1/e
    (2) DP2-EN017 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon 1/e
    (1) MDP2-EN008 Meteor Dragon
    (3) DP04-EN002 Cyber Barrier Dragon
    (3) DP04-EN020 Power Bond
    (2) DP04-EN012 Cyber End Dragon
    (3) DP04-EN003 Cyber Laser Dragon
    (2) DP03-EN010 Elemental Hero Wildedge 1/e
    (2) DP03-EN012 Elemental Hero Aqua Neos 1/e
    (1) DP03-EN002 Elemental Hero Bladedge 1/e
    (1) DP05-EN006 Destiny Hero – Defender 1/e
    (2) DP05-EN012 Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer 1/e
    (2) DP05-EN005 Destiny Hero – Double Dude 1/e
    (3) DP2-EN020 Ojamagic 1/e
    (3) DP2-EN021 Ojamuscle 1/e
    (2) DP1-EN006 Winged Kuriboh Lv10 1/e
    (3) DP03-EN006 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab 1/e
    (1) DP1-EN012 Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster 1/e
    (1) DP1-EN029 Feather Wind 1/e
    (1) DP2-EN009 Infernal Incinerator 1/e
    (2) DP06-EN004 Elemental Hero Captain Gold (1 is 1/e and 1 is u/e)
    (5) DP06-EN009 Armor Breaker (4 are 1/e and 1 is u/e)
    (2) DP06-EN002 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 1/e
    (1) DP06-EN025 Hero’s Rule 2 1/e
    (4) DP07-EN015 Crystal Abundance 1/e
    (1) MDP2-EN002 Elemental Hero Mudballman
    (1) DP04-EN011 Cyber Twin Dragon
    (1) LODT-EN061 Ribbon of Rebirth 1/e
    (2) DP06-EN020 Revoke Fusion 1/e
    (1) DP07-EN004 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 1/e
    (3) DP06-EN019 Dark Calling 1/e
    (2) DP07-EN002 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat 1/e
    (1) LODT-EN035 Diskblade Rider 1/e
    (1) LODT-EN094 Owner’s Seal 1/e
    (1) DP05-EN009 Destiny Hero – Fear Monger 1/e
    (2) TDGS-EN064 Graceful Revival
    (1) TDGS-EN035 Yamato-No-Kami
    (2) TDGS-EN045 Fighting Spirit
    (1) TDGS-EN016 Mind Master
    (1) TDGS-EN013 Handcuffs Dragon
    (1) TDGS-EN005 Shield Warrior
    (2) LODT-EN028 Substitoad (1 is 1/e and 1 is u/e)
    (2) PTDN-EN091 Castle Gate
    (2) PTDN-EN027 Future Samurai
    (1) LODT-EN085 Maniacal Servant
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  4. Yami_Scott

    Yami_Scott CoG iTrader

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    None at the moment.
  5. Yami_Scott

    Yami_Scott CoG iTrader

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    Some More Cards Added.

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