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    Gold Series 2010 Discussion

    hmmm stardust, jd, and a large number of glad beasts and black wings i would probably see either a gale gold or blizzard gold brioniac? catastor? that would make sense
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    Water Deck!

    okay, my friend runs a really good water deck so add: penguin soldier and nightmare penguins mobius tornado wall is a major add moray of greed and add cards that are good walls, to stall it out so: neo aqua maddor aqua madoor suijin, a card long forgotten, except by a rare few, is a water tye 7...
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    Guardian Angel Joan or Winged Kuriboh?

    fairy you say eh? well kurboh is good, try kuribon as well other fairys, does she have a preferance as to WHICH fairies so i.e. does she care if its like archlord krystia, or something weirder looking, like the arcana force btw get hidden arsenal stuff then it has beserker crush, a card useful...
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    Engine of Destruction (Advanced BEWD deck)

    whoops forgot about this add: goyo guardian, brioniac, exploder wing dragon, and mist wurm for some good synchs in case things goes awary
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    Engine of Destruction (Advanced BEWD deck)

    i now u said dont recommend traps but to be honest royal is a double edged sword u can replace with trap stun, a card which negates the effects of traps for ONE turn this way u can add a mirror force, or w/e, an still be able to stop ur opponents traps on there turn also u can try decoy dragons...
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    hey cyberknight its me , stay70573, from youtube!

    hey cyberknight its me , stay70573, from youtube!
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    A very sad time for me...

    i am lost in sad sorrow, aura you have my condolensces, and my hopes that you and your daughter will be alright
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    Looking Ahead 9 - Armityle

    actually i used to run a really good armityle deck before i switched to a synching deck all 3 sacred beasts metal reflect slimes, dna surgery its actuall not as hard as you think i've managed to pull him out a few times and whip soem serious butt i do like armityle its like pure brute strength
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    Obelisk the tormentor Deck

    gotta go with stuff like giant germs or nimble momangas.. or the grave keeper spys, they can bring others of them sleves from deck to field, which creates field advantage.... i would also say..... multiply and kruiboh for a good 5 tokens.... i agree with digital jedi and the token spawning... i...
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    synchro deck? (no true theme, advice is wanted!)

    okay current deck build: monsters Gorz emmisary of darkness x1 Cyber dragon x2 giant germ x3 morphing jar x1 mist valley soldier x1 mask of darkness x1 airbellum x1 tragoedia x1 elite goblin attack squad x2 torapart x1 sangan x1 gale x1 flamevell firedog x1 quillbolt hedgehog x1 junk synchron...