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  1. Sakura Sakamoto

    From Dayly to time to time

    I don’t know what changed in my life. But I remember I used to come here dayly now I come from time to time But I hope all are doing well
  2. Sakura Sakamoto

    Switch Best Switch Games

    Best switch games as of 15/10/2023 In no particular order A top 10 list 1 Animal crossing new horizons 2 LOZ Links awakening 3 LOZ Breath of the wild 4 Pokémon Legends Arceus 5 Pokémon Scarlet 6 Mario odyssey 7 Mario kart 8 Deluxe 8 F Zero 99 9 Hollow knight 10 Hades
  3. Sakura Sakamoto

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle Complete Edition Opening & Review!

    more products like this need to come to the west and not just America and Europe but the UK as well
  4. Sakura Sakamoto

    Riddler's Redesign

    I think suits are a good choice for villains its a good way to separate them from the heroes on visual front, heroes where skin tight spandex villains wear suits. Superman vs Lex Dare Devil Vs Kingpin Batman Vs Joker/Riddler
  5. Sakura Sakamoto

    Holla ma Amigos

    Sorry I was thinking of the wrong pokemon
  6. Sakura Sakamoto

    Holla ma Amigos

    That’s cool You should keep trying The fire gold fish is a good counter as is heatran My team has changed loads over time It’s currently Flutter mane Terra fairy Ability protosynthesis Item booster energy Modest Max sp atk max speed Dazzling gleam Shadow ball Mystical fire Protect...
  7. Sakura Sakamoto

    Holla ma Amigos

    it's been a while since I posted anything so random stuff in my life been playing competative pokemon on Scarlet made it to master ball rank my girl friend moved in with other 2 years ago we have two hamsters syrus and shadow two fish ed and seto got a big holiday in London next month...
  8. Sakura Sakamoto

    Switch Best Switch Games

    legends Arceus is my pick for one the best switch games its a great adventure game the open world sections are full of interesting scenery and locations the interactions with the pokemon are a nice mix from agressive wanting to fight, timid and running or blissfully igorent of your existence...
  9. Sakura Sakamoto

    Spider-Man no way home

    I’m interested to see what happens with the reveal of venom leaving part of the symbiot on the bar in the end credit scene It was a very good movie It’s abit like the captain America trilogy the first was okay The second one was really good The third one was amazing
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    I really enjoyed it aswell In an interview the director of the movie said that she wanted the awakening to destroy the earth but her idea was shot down by Kevin feige
  11. Sakura Sakamoto

    Spider-Man no way home

    You’d think this movie would feel bloated With everything it features especially with the amount of characters it Draws from the Toby maguire movies And the Andrew Garfield movies But it works the end credits scene is worth sticking around for there are a couple of surprising twists in...
  12. Sakura Sakamoto


    It was a couple of months ago when me and my girlfriend Hydra went to the cinema to see this movie it was a really good movie It had some really interesting characters and they had nice chemistry with each The CGI is good as the big set pieces are well implemented My favourite characters...
  13. Sakura Sakamoto

    YGO Card Name Game

    I can’t remember the card I picked so I’ll let some one else have a go
  14. Sakura Sakamoto

    Yo! Anyone Still Here?

    Now and then but not as much as I should be.
  15. Sakura Sakamoto

    its been a while hope every one is okay

    its been a while hope every one is okay
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  17. Sakura Sakamoto

    The "Off Topic" Topic

    Today is the 5th of November So happy bonfire night. Hope you all have fun.
  18. Sakura Sakamoto

    whos that mokemon

    Is it Mr mime. Mr Mime Junior
  19. Sakura Sakamoto

    whos that mokemon

    is it Ditto?