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    Got my original account running.

    Most of the time I spent here was during the 2004-2006 time frame. The original site developed from one of the Original Netreps for Yugioh Card Rulings. UDE was very difficult to get answers from, and this community did quite a bit to ensure newer players had somewhere to come to get the best...
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    Got my original account running.

    It is so good to see the site back up. Hoping to see some old friends again. Anybody from the golden era still around?
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    A very sad time for me...

    I too have been away for quite a while. My companies mergers and growth have kept me all but completely absent from the site for all but the briefest visits for well over 18 months. Thank you Digital Jedi for letting me know about this tragedy. Aura, I am truly heartbroken for your loss...
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    Princess Leia and R2-D2 Figure

    It's been out for a couple months. On the cover of ToyFare 3 or 4 months ago. You can pick one up here:
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    Cards you like to See be reprinted for limted time.

    Rarity. The TPs have always had cards with inflated values far beyond a playability value. Royal Decree was a $100+ card for a very long time and hardly anyone played it. Now it is in 50% of decks, all thanks to the Warrior Structure.
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    Wal-Mart Deluxe Pack

    Yes, they were very similar to the Zombie and Dragon mats from last year. All in all quite a fantastic let down.
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    Champion Pack 1: Rant thread

    Step 1 click on Resources Step 2 select Card Registry Step 3 select Champion Pack: Game One
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    Wal-Mart Deluxe Pack

    The cards are Acid Rain and Toon Goblin Attack Force (The Duelist League versions). I was hoping at least the Ocean deck would have the correct text on Ocean Dragon Lord but the decks were both 1st Edition (bummer).
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    behemoth king of all animals and wandering mummy

    I used to make a note on a folded piece of paper that the full-strength Fusilier was in zone 1 and the set without tribute Fusilier was in zone 3 after Wandering Mummy's effect. The slip of paper also sounds like a good idea. The problem I see with randomizing with a die roll is that the...
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    Chimeratech question

    King of Skull Servants?
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    Voltanis the Aggravator

    It has often been stated that the chaos special summon monsters summon themselves via their own "effect".
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    Greetings Hokge, welcome to the City. We won't hold the spelling against you, some of our moderators are bad at it as well. :) What kind of YGO deck do you play?
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    future fusion question....

    Because the link was severed when Chimeratech was special summoned by Overload. For a clear example: I activate Premature Burial and target my Cyber Dragon in my graveyard. My opponent chains Mystical Space Typhoon and Targets my Premature Burial. I chain my set Call of the Haunted...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    "On the books" is just an expression. It does not mean there are actual "books". If all of this is simply an attempt to prevent the use of the Judge's List when discussing card rulings such as Mind Crush it seems like we're just burning up time and wasting effort. Without the Judge's List...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    Kevin has stated that he does in fact communicate with Konami regarding the rulings and how the game is played. Kevin has even gone as far as to make claims that Konami has things wrong with a particular ruling and we won't be playing that way here and hopefully they'll get the Japanese ruling...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    We're all aware of the fact that Konami must "approve" of any "official" ruling posted on the website. The issue is not whether they have "final say", the issue is that Konami gives them: 1) The authority to be the ones to decide how things are ruled in sanctioned tournaments. 2) The...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    Jason, do you have any reason to doubt that UDE is the entity Konami has chosen to govern the TCG? If so I'd love to hear it. As far as rulings and the Judge's List how about Fairy King Truesdale? There was no "Official" ruling or errata for this card for what 2 years or more? The Judges...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    And I believe we try to do that Jason. This is being looked at from two different directions and the answer is not going to be the same for both camps. For judges at UDE sanctioned tournaments they should strive to make the best ruling they can based on information provided to them by the body...
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    I'm Officially Confused

    And in practice that is how things operate here. The problem comes from the level of misinformation Konami has seen come from UDE. I'm sure their own communication to UDE can be partially to blame for this but the end result is what we now have to deal with. If UDE were simply translating the...
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    Victory Dragon & Player Etiquette

    I'm surprised at the amount of "unfair advantage" being attributed to Victory Dragon. It is by no means a "quick", or "unfair" win. Granted it does provide the opportunity to finish a match, but when compared to most OTK decks that advantage really pales in comparison. I would agree with the...