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  1. potterfanxp123

    Resonating Archfiends

    Hey everyone, I was hoping everyone would take a look at the deck and give your opinion on how it looks. It's an Advanced build, but I don't look to be going to tourney's anytime soon, if ever, so I guess this is for my own personal benefit. Any feedback at all is appreciated: Monsters...
  2. potterfanxp123

    KDE Judge Program

    I just received my COSSY ID this week, and became RC-1 today.
  3. potterfanxp123

    Archfiend Help

    Edit 10/18/2010 I've added quite a few cards to the build recently, and hope that someone will help me figure out where the deck might be going wrong. I've had a few great matches with it, where I totally pwned my opponent, but haven't been able to defeat a Blackwing deck with it yet. Extra...
  4. potterfanxp123

    Archfiend Help

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, so this is my first thread. I'm hoping for a bit of help on constructing my Archfiend Deck, because I've got a general idea I want to go with it. SO, any ideas will be appreciated. I should make it known now that I don't have Dark Necrofear or Dark Ruler Ha...
  5. potterfanxp123

    "Pwnd!" #4

    I still have my Card of Sanctity... and I still cry every time I read it...