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    The Official Create-A-Card Thread.

    Will of Fire Equip Spell Card Equip to a Warrior-type monster. The equipped monster gains 400 ATK and DEF, and is also treated as FIRE in addition to its Attribute. (I have no idea what state the TCG is in nowadays. Any card effects I come up with could be great or terrible or pointless or a...
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    The Official Create-A-Card Thread.

    I Probably Shouldn't Have Roasted It Normal Trap Card Target 1 opponent's monster and 1 of your FIRE monsters. Destroy and remove from play the targeted opponent's monster face-down, and remove from play your targeted monster and all your cards equipped to it face-down; the removed cards...
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    YGO Card Name Game

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    The Official Create-A-Card Thread.

    It's called an egg. ;)
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    We're Not Just Open, We're Grand Open

    And while you're at it, give me my credits back! And make the games give out credits too.
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    Shameless plug to try a new game

    I suppose collecting is a nice thing to do. That's what I did with the Pokémon TCG (just the first 3 sets before I lost interest). Online gaming is certainly cheap and full of people to play with. Whether the point is the playing itself or the owning of the cards is an interesting question to ask.
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    We're Not Just Open, We're Grand Open

    You might want to take that "Welcome to the CoG Soft Open!" notice down, then. ;)
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    Shameless plug to try a new game

    I live just a few miles outside Preston. Was this existing knowledge? I can't say I'm interested in starting any card games, though. It's expensive and I've have no one to play with.
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    Did something happen to the forum?

    :P Gosh, I remember this place, vaguely. I even recognise a couple of the names, although that's about all I could say about them. I don't remember anything about what I actually did here, except for the Deck Masters thing. Played a couple of games, I think. I'm pretty sure I was only made a...
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    RPG Assistance Needed

    Sounds interesting. I'll have a shot at it if no one else is interested. As far as my experience goes, I have none. The most I've done is invent a few Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and a very small number of cards for other TCGs I invented (see the wiki). On the other hand, having been to one of the top...
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    Wiki Access

    It's still available for me.
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    Valhalla vs Solemn Warning

    That's what happens when you let Konami word the cards. Confusion abounds.
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    Valhalla vs Solemn Warning

    It can. The reasoning is that Valhalla doesn't grant you the ability to do a Special Summon "whever you like", as it were; it's an effect that activates, and the effect is "perform a Special Summon". Since it's an effect that activates, Solemn Warnings can be chained to it.
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    Happy Six Year Anniversary Maruno

    That's quite scary, actually. What do I have to show for it all? Hmm... I moved my Deck Masters here, and soon left them to rot. I've not been into Yu-Gi-Oh! for ages now, and I'm dreading getting back into it because so much has happened since (like those Synchro thingies, and not to mention...
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    Forum not working in Firefox

    I just checked my regular link again, and it's back to normal. Thanks.
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    Forum not working in Firefox

    More is available now, and I can actually view threads and make posts, but everything else is still missing. Looks like I'm now loading the mobile version that actually works. Posted via Mobile Device
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    Forum not working in Firefox

    The website doesn't work properly for me in Firefox. It hasn't for the past few days now, but I've just discovered it's fine in IE. The only options available at the top are "Home" and "New Posts". When viewing a thread, almost nothing is displayed. It's as if only some parts of the forum...
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    Jinzo Returner and Vanity Fiend

    Why can't "Royal Oppression" stop "Jinzo - Returner"? Seems to me that if you can chain it directly to Returner's effect, it'll work (of course, you can build up a chain with several simultaneous effects in such a way that this can't happen). "Vanity's Fiend" forbids Special Summons of any...
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    Happy Anniversary jinzo64

    It was also in February. Just saying.
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    two questions

    Answer 1 "Dandylion"'s effect is not optional - it doesn't have the words "you can" in it. After "Judgment Dragon"'s effect has resolved, "Dandylion"'s effect will start a new chain. When its effect resolves, the two Fluff Tokens will be Summoned. Answer 2 You activate "Celestia...