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    Insect / Graveyard Filler Deck

    It looks great to me. Except, one suggestion. Keep the locusts and scarabs. They can seriously hurt your opponent. I had those in a spellcaster deck for a while and they ROCKED. Kept the field nice and clear for my Dark Magicians.
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    Ever notice in the new Yu-Gi-Oh! games...

    You can't win? I swear, even if I had my dream deck, I'd still just barely scrape by! They can litterally OTK you when you have just started the game. And all the game gives you is a peice of crap deck of random cards. HOW DO THEY EXPECT YOU TO WIN? (Tag Force 5 and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's ((on xbox...
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    Spellcaster Deck

    I realize one flaw. This deck is not completely made up of Spellcasters. I plan to change this, but I don't have a source of income. I do have a rough plan, though. But as it stands, this is my deck. This deck is built to summon and keep out my Dark Magicians. LV 1-4 Monsters Battle...
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    Looking with my untrained eye, it looks good. Though, maybe throw in some monsters that are good for defense. Such as Mystical Elf. Though, I don't know what your strategy is, so perhaps you don't want a defensive card taking up space. I might throw in "Magic Cylinder", "Negate Attack" or...
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    Y halo thar

    I originally just came here to download the Yugioh deck studio file. (Hence the stupid name). But I then saw that this is a mighty fine forum for a yugioh player such as myself. So I plan on staying. Though, this place seems kind of... dead...