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    Horus Lock Down

    Another Horus lockdown to consider is this combo: Horus Lv. 8 Jinzo or Royal Decree Guardian Sphinx You locked down their Spells and Traps and their monsters aren't around to stop you.
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    Looking for Volunteer

    I'm only on Monday through Thursday from 3:30-7:35pm. But I can give it a try. Will this work? It'll be my first time doing something like that, so you show me what to do and I can try my best to continue doing it. Oh. And I've never really played VS.
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    BBCode Index

    Excellent codes,man. Now if only people would start posting and trading more.
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    My Extras for Trade

    SoilentG: No thanks. They are no longer on my priorities list. 2 Week update. Bring me Evil Heroes!!! *looks around with a crazed look*
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    My Extras for Trade

    Maybe. Let me think on it because I might be retiring from Yu-Gi-Oh in 2 weeks and I may no longer want them.
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    My Extras for Trade

    These are what I have from your wants: Desert Sunlight (keeping it) Gaia Power (new) (keeping it) Bottomless Trap Hole (keeping it) Soul Release x2 (new) (maybe 1) Axe of Despair (keeping) Command Knight x2 (keeping) Giant Trunade (maybe 1) Gravekeeper's Servant (keeping) Lucky Iron...
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    YGO Card Name Game

    The beginning is life and since it says I am the beginning and the first that implies a god. The sun gives life so.......The Winged Dragon of Ra?
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    My Extras for Trade

    You asked what I had from your wants and I let you know.
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    Fantasy Card Review - Unhinged

    All I can say to both is........HOW!?!? You can't have 6 monsters and how can you gain life points when the card is destroyed by battle if it can't be destroyed by battle!?!? *pant, pant* I gotta get a drink and sit down for a minute. That was a lot for me.
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    YGO Card Name Game

    Mind on Air?
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    My Extras for Trade

    I have all of them but these: Banisher of the Light Fenrir (IOC) 1e Giant Germ Gravity Bind x1 The problem is: me and my wife use all of those. Sorry.
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    My Extras for Trade

    What do you want?
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    YGO Card Name Game

    A girl's worst friend is that thing that comes once a month so it has something to do with blood or crimson but I can't seem to guess what it is. My mind is blank right now.
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    Shifting Targets

    Ok. You all need some major help, so here goes. If you attack and I activate Sakuretsu Armor and then you activate Book of Moon, your monster would go face down and Sakuretsu Armor would hit the Graveyard. Since Sakuretsu Armor was not misactivated, considering there was an attack, it is...
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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay. If you need anything, the mods and admin are just a pm away.
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    YGO Card Name Game

    Can I guess Harpie's Pet Dragon?
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    My Extras for Trade

    There's only 2 cards that I want: Return Zombie Elemental Hero Magma Neos By the way, adding new stuff.
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    My Extras for Trade

    Nothing really.
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    germinies' have/wants

    Need: Ancient Rules Amazoness Swords Woman Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Have: Destiny Draw Monster Gate Reasoning Feather of the Phoenix Do you live in US and if so, deal?
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    KODOU's have/want list

    Ring of Destruction 75-90% for your Shrink?