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    My three principles for deck construction. Hope it helps those in need.

    Uh, riiiiiiiiiiight. Love your thoughts, but how that helps making a deck is unknown to me.
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    Starstike Blast Sneak Peek: November 6th, 2010 @ Savy's in Los Angeles

    So living in CA is the only way to get a sneak peak pack? That is kind of lame. No wonder I have no idea what they mean by sneak peak releases.
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    I need some help to improve my Counter Fairy Deck

    So I'm using a Counter Fairy Deck that kicks ass, however, my deck is 45 cards. I am thinking on what is best to remove to cut it down to 40 cards, but that may not be possible. Tell me what you guys think? Should I keep it 45 or make it 40? [3] Van'Dalgyon, the Dark Dragon Lord [2] Chaos...
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    Solemn Warning vs Dark Horn of Heaven

    So I'm using a Counter Trap Fairy Deck and was wondering, why am I bothering to use Solemn Warning in my deck when I already have a Solemn Judgment and 2 Dark Horn of Heavens? Solemn Warning seems to do the same thing as Dark Horn, but it has a cost amount.
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    Does anyone have a listing of the cards in Raging Battle and Ancient Prophecies?

    Where do I get the Championship Pack from? THere is a Fairy card in there. As for ANPR, thanks, I only need to get Ancient Sacred Wyvern, as I got the other two in the pack I bought the other day.
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    WTF? happened in here... where's everyone?!?!

    I don't know, but I can definitely say this site is no longer the same after the look and format changed.
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    Does anyone have a listing of the cards in Raging Battle and Ancient Prophecies?

    I'm trying to find out if there are any Fairy and Archfiend cards in the Raging Battle and Ancient Prophecies series (I think those are the only two after Crimson Crisis), along with any else I might find interesting, but Netrep's site is impossible to navigate through now, has half the searches...
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    Any Fairy cards in Crimson Crisis?

    I'm not after the cards to play, I have a Fairy Deck that is awesome, so I hardly ever change it up, but I have a binder full of all of the Fairy cards that have come to America thus far minus Queen of Fate - Eternia. Sadly, I do not think I will ever find one. :blue:
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    What cards are in those Yuusei Target Exclusive Tins?

    What cards are in the Target Exclusive Yuusei tins? Same goes for that new Spellcaster Structure Deck.
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    Any Fairy cards in Crimson Crisis?

    Why the hell are the Fairy cards always friggin Secret Rares? This pisses me off. They make it impossible to get them to the point that it is cheaper to just buy them off of ebay. And like I said, my friend bought a box and did not end up with a single Fairy, let alone he only got 1 Ultra...
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    Any Fairy cards in Crimson Crisis?

    I cannot find a site that has the entire card list for Crimson Crisis yet (neither Pojo nor netrep have it), so I was wondering if there were any Fairy cards in it. One of my friends bought a box and the cards he got seemed very dismal and pathetic. Too many frogs.
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    10 Yugioh uncut episodes available from 4Kids on YouTube

    How is youtube region coded? Anyway, I have the entire series on DVD already that I got from CDJapan and Amazon Jp, so there is no need for me. I wished they would put it out on Blu-Ray though, this way I would not hae to deal with the region codes.
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    Here are the supposedly official changes to the OCG Restriction List.

    Wait, Reinforcements of the Army is now banned? WTF?! That just destroyed one of my strategies for bring out Archlord Zerato. However,I need to get this off my chest, what the hell is the point of a ban list anyway? Why bother making a card if they are just going to ban it? That defies the...
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    What is the order of the boosters?

    Thanks, that helped a lot. Wait... Crimson Crisis? Is there a listing of who is going to be in that series yet?
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    Curse of Darkness and Surge of Flash

    Yeah, most of those cards were Secret Rares, which is really starting to piss me off, as every god damn Fairy card I need left are friggin Secrets. I need Dark Lord Zerato, for one thing, but the jackasses on ebay want $50+ for him. Not to mention all of the remaining Fairies I need from TDG...
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    What is the order of the boosters?

    What is the exact order of the booster packs? I know these ones go: BEWD LOD PSV DCR IOC AST CRV SOD LDT DGN CCS But that is all I know. Hell, I do not even know if all of those are the proper abbreviations.
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    Crossroads of chaos cards

    Funny enough, I collect Fairy cards, which have been next to impossible to collect in the last few sets due to them all being some sort of special rare type. Hell, I still need Darklord Zerato from PTDN and most of the ones from there on. However, this time, I got Hanewata in my first pack...
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    Huh? o_O I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
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    Dr Kain's Trade/Want List

    Does anyone trade anymore?
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    I do not understand WHY Dark Magician of Chaos is banned when it has been fine for the last 5 years. Banning him just completely destroyed my Spell Caster deck as it was built around him.