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    KDE Strikes Back

    So which statement tells the truth; UDE's or Konami's? Or are they just both telling half-truths (read: lying) in their own way?
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    Card Wars: Remain of the Jello

    And then there's this - tl;dr version: Upper Deck said apple. Konami said orange.
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    Side Deck now to contain Fusion/Synchro If the latest SJC is any indication, I think it's safe to say that the rules for the Side Deck in the TCG are the same as they've always been. All the Side Decks listed contain 15 cards (except one which accidentally lists 16) and none of them contain any...
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    wicked gods

    I think we have a God Card mix-up here. gabrele is talking about the Wicked Gods (Eraser, Avatar, and Dreadroot), which are allowed to be played. Digital is probably thinking of the Egyptian Gods. For one thing, the Wicked Gods require 3 Tributes to be summoned so you have to put a little work...
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    The official Sept. '09 list for the TCG is now up.
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    why isn't armory arm a union

    The rule of thumb seems to be that any Gemini/Spirit/Toon/Union monsters they make must always be orange colored. Tuners can be either Normal or Effect Monsters because they don't contain specific text which, by itself, would make them all Effect Monsters, which the other subtypes have. But I...
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    Urgent Tuning

    That "treated as a Fusion Summon" part isn't redundant, I think. That's just to let the player know that those cards do initially summon those monsters the correct way so you know you can Special Summon them from the Graveyard or Different Dimension after they've been destroyed, assuming they're...
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    re: Command Knight

    You and your friend are in the right here. The ruling on Command Knight hasn't changed. With The Legendary Fisherman being the only monster on your opponent's side + Umi, there's no attack target on the field so the only other target is the player. However, 2 Command Knights will prevent...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Tins 2009: What Your Mother Didn't Tell You

    And for those of you wondering who that monkey is... Earthbound Immortal Cusillu :dark:/10*/Beast/Effect ATK:2800 DEF:2400 Only 1 "Earthbound Immortal" monster can be face-up on the field. When there is no Field Spell Card face-up on the field, this card is destroyed. Your opponent cannot...
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    Iron Core effect

    Reckless Greed doesn't simply prevent you from drawing during your Draw Phase; it makes you skip your next 2 Draw Phases altogether. So you wouldn't be able to use the effect of Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru until Reckless Greed's Lingering Effect expires.
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    Konami Wins Appeals Court RulingIn European 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Distribution Case

    So even UD International is out of the picture... And, of course, Konami is calling it a "terrific victory for the legions of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duelists worldwide" in the news section on their YGO site.
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    Level Retuner clarification

    It's impossible for a monster's level to be 0 or lower. Note the following ruling on Silent Strider, which also has a level reducing effect: • "Silent Strider's" effect targets 1 face-up monster. You cannot select a Level 1 monster. You would have to reduce Rose's level to 2, instead, and then...
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    Upper Deck Wins Major Victory in Support of Worldwide Yu-Gi-Oh! Players Yeah, this is definitely what we want to read after using UDE's YGO site for so long. "This is a great victory for Duelists..." Hmm, which forums are they reading that made them think that?
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    Upper Deck Wins Major Victory in Support of Worldwide Yu-Gi-Oh! Players

    Latest news article on UDE's site about the situation...
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    Here are the supposedly official changes to the OCG Restriction List. Apparently their justification for taking THB off the list is now the effect can be used only once between all 3 copies. So once at least one of them has been sent to the Graveyard for the first time, you can use its effect. But then you can never use...
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    Here are the supposedly official changes to the OCG Restriction List. Note that these are just the changes; not the entire list. Forbidden Cards none Restriction Cards Chaos Sorcerer Gladial-Beast Bestorourii Goyou Guardian Zombie Carrier Dark Armed Dragon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary Mezuki Urgent Teleport Card of Safe...
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    Rather strange that didn't report on SJC Houston.

    The only thing they have on it is an article for Monday's update saying who won and listing the Top 16 decks. It was never even listed in the Upcoming Events column.
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    diamond dude versus beginning of the end

    If you're interested, you can download the CRF from here - It lists all the cards available up to that point, the sets they're found in, and the current text for each one. The downside is that it's a PDF file.
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    Contact fusion mechanic

    Heh, true. Although going by the cards, alone, the ones with "Contact" in their names are Neo(s)-support cards, if that's any indication :)
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    Contact fusion mechanic

    I think "Contact Fusion" was originally meant to be a Neos/Neo-Spacian only term (storyline-wise), but then people started unofficially applying it to other Fusion Monsters.