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    Shameless plug to try a new game

    I moved to Greensboro, but I'm still in arms reach. :P Yeah, we need to get around to meeting up sometime. That kinda fell through last time. >.< I just want all the CoGers back, helpoemer and them.
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    yeah, I was on the front page of the forums.
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    Great to be back!

    All these old faces are back. :x
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    it previously took me to a blank page w/ a 404 error. may have been an error in chrome. I just tried it again and it worked. so no idea.
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    Mark, it wouldn't let me make a thread in bug reports, but whenever I go to check a notification about a liked post I get a blank page with text about a 404 not-found error. just fyi
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    CoG Soft Open :: Yes, We're Back!

    What Dillie said. when I got a new comp this site fell off my radar, but rebookmarked and ready for browsing and what not again.
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    I'm baaaack

    I kept trying to talk to him but he kept ignoring me. :/
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    Sep. 1st PacMan

    Monsters(15): 3x Des Lacooda 2x Swarm of Scarabs 2x Swarm of Locusts 3x Worm Linx 2x Stealth Bird 3x Nimble Momonga Spells(15): 1x Giant Trunade 3x Book of Moon 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x My Body as a Shield 1x Level Limit - Area B 1x Dark Hole 1x Monster Reborn 1x Pot of...
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    BLOG: Just a Thought

    no one ever said people were smart, Mark.
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    Long time gone but I'm back

    old peeps just comin out of the woodwork
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    Terminology Article, It's Done, THANK GAWD!!

    wow, this thread is still around. I might have to update this. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
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    One More Time

    good, good got some time, so back to modding or trolling this ish nice to see yall are still around
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    One More Time

    lol ty man
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    doin alright, coming back to this forum now

    doin alright, coming back to this forum now
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    YGO Card Name Game

    I can't believe this thread is still going....
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    One More Time

    Hey guys, it's me, yet again. I'm back.
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    Um, Yeah, I'm Back, again >_<

    I ran Lightsworn with 3 Limit Reverses a few weeks ago, was fun as heck.
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    Batteryman Micro-cell effect.

    quoted for emphasis and hi Skey :)
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    Terminology Article, It's Done, THANK GAWD!!

    yeah, I wrote this WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day