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  1. michael.geier

    RPG Assistance Needed

    Played numerous RPG's throughout history, but object stats are really just a function of personal stats. Once you nail down how you are going to track personal stats, weapons are merely a factor of form (speed) and potential (damage) via skill (bonuses/modifiers). Let me know if you need any...
  2. michael.geier

    BLOG: Book Nook

    The latest Nook update sped up page turning to 1-2 seconds.
  3. michael.geier

    Card Wars: Remain of the Jello

    In other words, we still have the horrible support for the game we always did. Only the players changed...twice.
  4. michael.geier

    Does anyone have a listing of the cards in Raging Battle and Ancient Prophecies?

    There are none of those monster-types in Raging Battle (per searching on Ancient Prophecy isn't up there yet (Dillie...are you going to upload it as your last act?), but you could look on wikia. CP02 is Championship Pack: Game 2 Update: No Archfiends, but there are three...
  5. michael.geier

    I Can't Find A (Respectable) D.D. Assailant Ruling....

    The difference seems pretty clear due to the card text. D.D. Warrior (Lady) states "When this card battles a monster...", which triggers prior to damage, while D.D. Assailant uses "is destroyed by battle", which triggers after damage.. Since D.D. Assailant says destroyed, the card would be...
  6. michael.geier

    Raging Battle Special Edition

    Both Special Edition cards are available in the database.
  7. michael.geier

    Terminally Late - Duel Terminal Video Preview

    Added DTP1-EN021 through 31 to, along with several missing images from DTP1.
  8. michael.geier

    Still waiting on Arcade Passes to be affordable again...

    Nope, it says I don't have enough credits to purchase one, and the games say the same thing. The problem is, I have over 84K credits.
  9. michael.geier

    Still waiting on Arcade Passes to be affordable again...

    How much does it really need?
  10. michael.geier

    The end of an era...

    I think the idea sounds great. I can you get you a copy of anything you want (php code, mysql dump, etc.). I was thinking, I could continue to maintain a few of the games for a few months (M:tG and Duelmasters are easy enough) until we can get a stable process together. Since you already...
  11. michael.geier

    The end of an era...

    Work are probably familiar with what it takes to get info from UDE, but that might help with three of the games (YGO, WOW and VS, if they ever make anymore VS). Magic - I automated it, of sorts. Grabbing the Oracle and Text spoilers, updating code to include formatting tags...
  12. michael.geier

    The end of an era...

    Do you think you can handle nine games? hehe... Actually, Spoils is completely finished, Vs. is all but dead (waiting on UDE to formally say it), and Duelmasters is only releasing in Japan, but they have been the majority of my user base. UFS has always been a hassle, and I was only...
  13. michael.geier

    The end of an era... is done. After 10 years (starting with and later, I have decided to call it quits due to: 1. The site robbing entirely too much of my time from my family (and being a contributing factor to my divorce; maybe I should be thankful for that one). 2. I haven't...
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    Well, that might not have hurt, but this will...
  15. michael.geier


    I'm with Maruno...where was the option "No, because I like my eyes..."
  16. michael.geier

    Yugioh 5d

    I have the wording for the 5D Starter Deck and Duelist Genesis on, but not all of the images.
  17. michael.geier

    Premium Pack 2 (TCG)

    All 20 cards are in the database, although the rarity breakdown is supposed to be 10 Secret and 10 Super, so my source is slightly off. I will try to find non-branded images ASAP. UPDATE: fixed rarities with info from
  18. michael.geier

    New Highscore in : Xraye

    Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong! :evil:
  19. michael.geier


    ah, but you do you actually think they will end the movie with the original (big downer) ending? Joe Moviegoer won't know what to do... "what do you mean, 'The End'!!! WTF!" And all the people who actually read it will be like 'F!$K YEAH!"
  20. michael.geier


    Apple - Trailers - Watchmen - Medium@@AMEPARAM@@ Dark Knight may not even compare, if the whole movie is like that trailer!