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    dark armed dragon

    "Dark Armed Dragon" would be successfully Special Summoned first, allowing the turn player to call priority, removing a DARK monster in their Graveyard from play to activate the effect of "Dark Armed Dragon" before the opponent can respond to the Summon. In essence, "The Transmigration...
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    Monarch's Final Move: Structure Deck 14

    Well, if Wiki is correct, the new monarch's effect has been confirmed. And Zaborg will officially be phased out, except as Light fodder for traditional. Here's to hoping this structure doesn't come to America...
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    Monarch's Final Move: Structure Deck 14

    Wow, I wish I could play where you live. What I would give to get all the monarchs banned... That's awesome. As for the dark monarch, he'll probably remove from play a card on the field. The rest of the deck seems to focus on removing from play, and it would make sense. I just hope they limit...
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    Official Contact Info Thread for YVD Duels.

    Feel free to PM me for a screen name also. I'm usually online every evening during the week except Thursdays (real life Yu-Gi-Oh!) from 4 PM to 11 PM CST.
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    "An Unfortunate Report"?

    I never knew the Turn Player didn't have to announce which Phase they're entering upon declaration of a Phase completion. That's something I'll have to keep in mind. Thanks. But from the rest of your post, it seems like "An Unfortunate Report" will be even less useful. An indirect form of stall...
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    KCVDS - Virtual Duel System

    I checked out KCVDS today. It's not a bad program. The interface is beautiful and for the most part it runs smoothly. Other than some minor errors, I have just a couple criticisms. For one, I think programming rulings and most mechanics into it simply isn't worth the effort. YVD runs perfectly...
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    Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Question

    My friend still thinks it's the incorrect way as you described also. I'm glad I now have a judge to back me up.
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    light and darkness dragon!

    I bought three of the mangas the other day, and one of them had the card partially melted into the binding. Luckily they allowed me a refund, but unfortunately they didn't have anymore left in stock. Now it will be a while before I can find another place that has them.
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    "An Unfortunate Report"?

    The only problem I can see is that the card says "next Battle Phase", which means it wouldn't work on the Battle Phase you wanted. And if this were the case, any experienced opponent would simply not attack until they thought they were clear to do so. However, there is a workaround that I know...
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    "An Unfortunate Report"?

    Does anyone know of any combos that this card will work with? There has to be SOME good use for this card. An Unfortunate Report GLAS-EN080 (Normal Trap Card) Your opponent conducts their next Battle Phase twice.
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    Ojama Knight's Effect

    Ojama Knight LIGHT Beast/Fusion/Effect 5 Stars ATK 0 DEF 2500 1 "Ojama" monster + 1 "Ojama" monster. Select up to 2 of your opponent's Monster Card Zones. The selected zones cannot be used. --- Is this an Ignition Effect or a Trigger Effect? Also, are the zones you select with his...
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    Torrential vs. Hand of Nephthys

    What possible reason could your opponent have for even using Torrential Tribute if there are no monsters on the field?
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    Secrets of the Gallant

    Your opponent would have no way of knowing whether or not it is a Normal monster, so I'd say no.
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    Crystal Fortune Teller VS Dekoichi (who will reign supreme?)

    I'm not sure I'd see this as a con, especially given all the cards nowadays that have you shuffle your deck. We all know how little of an effect it had on DDT. Personally I really like Seer. It looks great. Options are always nice.
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    Ha Des vs. Malicious

    Dark Ruler Ha Des does not prevent the activation of effects. He simply negates the effect itself. Therefore, you can still activate the effect. Once again - the same as Skill Drain. Also, to clarify on my previous post, the reason I think Malicious's effect would not be negated is because...
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    Ha Des vs. Malicious

    I have trouble agreeing with this. This scenario is almost identical to the Skill Drain vs. Exiled Force situation. Costs are paid before the activation of ANY effect. In essence, this is why Exiled Force's effect works while Skill Drain is on the field. You do not declare that you are...
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    Metamorphosis and Batterymen Have a Showdown

    My mistake. Misread, sorry.
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    Metamorphosis and Batterymen Have a Showdown

    The only way you can activate Inferno Reckless Summon is if you Special Summon the Batteryman AA from your Graveyard in defense position. Otherwise, both Batteryman AA will have 2000 ATK, making you unable to activate Inferno Reckless Summon (This is similar to how you can bottomless a Command...
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    Complete Contradiction? Levia-Dragon vs. Demise

    Am I reading these rulings correctly? Is it true that, even though Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, and Demise, King of Armageddon, have very similar ignition effects, that, if flipped face down, one of them will stay, while one will die? I can't help but wonder what the obscure rationale is behind...
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    Priority Again

    I do apologize for making it seem like I was trying to screw over my opponent by using mechanics they don't understand. That's not what I was going for. What I meant is that, if they THINK they do understand it, but are arguing with me as to who is correct, then there is simply nothing I can use...