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  1. Wildharpie

    Opening My Packs for Judging and new Type of Tournament Started at Savy Store

    Opening my packs today and we have started a new Type of Tournament at Savy Store. You pay only $2.50 to enter winner walk away with $20 Gift Certificate to enter Sneak Peek, 2 Tournaments each week or 4 Dragon Duels or 4 Peag. League. So come join the fun. From:WildHarpie Views:39...
  2. Wildharpie

    Yugioh News for Order of Chaos Sneak Peek For Next Year

    Infor for the next Sneak Peek From:WildHarpie Views:105 4ratings Time:01:07More inGaming
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    TO and I Opening Packs for Today Tournament This Time Right Video :D

    Our TO and I are opening packs so please enjoy and hope We pull Epic. Please rate, comment and subscribe to the channel. From:WildHarpie Views:78 7ratings Time:03:50More inGaming
  4. Wildharpie

    TO and I Opening Packs for Today Tournament

    Our TO and I are opening packs so please enjoy and hope We pull Epic. Please rate, comment and subscribe to the channel. From:WildHarpie Views:102 6ratings Time:00:05More inGaming
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    Got 3 Packs of Hidden Arsenal 5 Because Cyberknight Said So and Mats For Sale

    Showing my new game I got for PS3, 3 Packs to open and Mat for sale. Please rate, comment and subscribe to me my channel and the friend i Said in video. From:WildHarpie Views:91 4ratings Time:04:41More inGaming
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    Legal Slifer The Sky Dragon Alter Art Picture and Effect

    Showing the picture for the God Card which is EpicLINK From:WildHarpie Views:147 8ratings Time:01:49More inGaming
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    Showing a List for The Ra Yellow Mega Pack

    Enjoy the video and check out the list for yourself. From:WildHarpie Views:104 3ratings Time:01:58More inGaming
  8. Wildharpie

    The New Look For Youtube Good or Bad?

    Let me know what you guys think of this new look? Let know how to delete videos if you know. From:WildHarpie Views:75 0ratings Time:02:02More inGaming
  9. Wildharpie

    New Shonen Jump Promo Card and Look at Tour Bus of The Underworld

    Checking out the new promo and upcoming new card for next set. Please rate, comment and subscribe From:WildHarpie Views:150 2ratings Time:02:25More inGaming
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    Bring you My Updated Gadget Stun Deck for 11-30-11

    Showing you my Gadget Build to give people ideas on how to build them more to come in upcoming videos. I hope you enjoy the video remember to Thumb up on it and subscribe. From:WildHarpie Views:19 2ratings Time:07:45More inGaming
  11. Wildharpie

    The Whole Community Thing Good or Bad?

    I will be putting both link for you guys to go watch and you let me know what you guys think about this.MKhol40 - - From:WildHarpie Views:52 1ratings Time:06:03More inGaming
  12. Wildharpie

    Happy Black Friday Trade Binder Video and Mats

    Showing off my binder for this week so please offer today once I come back from work. I might be going to Frank and Sons tomorrow to sell. Plese enjoy and send me pm and good offers please. From:WildHarpie Views:77 2ratings Time:10:15More inGaming
  13. Wildharpie

    I got my Speical Edition of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword plus pack opening

    Got my new game and 3 pack opening for you guys to watch also a game to get for your system that worth your money. From:WildHarpie Views:98 3ratings Time:03:51More inGaming
  14. Wildharpie

    Updated Trade Binder and stuff

    Showing binder again with updated cards so please offer mostly want to sell but if you have my wants then maybe will talk. From: WildHarpie Views: 7 0 ratings Time: 03:50 More in Gaming
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    Bring you my Trade Binders and Mats For Sale or Trade For The Week

    Showing my binder for the week hope you enjoy and PM with offers. If you want to work a deal let me know. WANTMONEY From:WildHarpie Views:33 2ratings Time:08:15More inGaming
  16. Wildharpie

    Showing my Trade Binder for the week

    Showing my binder for to those who might be looking for stuff. MY WANTS MONEY (big want) Fabled Raven x2 From: WildHarpie Views: 1 0 ratings Time: 07:28 More in Gaming
  17. Wildharpie

    Incoming Mail From thedarkness3

    Got mail today let see what I got. From:WildHarpie Views:17 0ratings Time:02:29More inGaming
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    Even more Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Pack Opening

    More packs to be open so enjoy the video. From:WildHarpie Views:26 3ratings Time:01:38More inGaming
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    More Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Pack Openings - EPIC Pulls

    Must Watch video so please subscribe and thumbs up on this. From:WildHarpie Views:28 1ratings Time:02:40More inGaming
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    Day 2 at Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Opening Packs

    Got another set of 5 packs to open for you all. From:WildHarpie Views:27 1ratings Time:01:44More inGaming