2006 8th April, Des Moines, Iowa

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Truly English
I hear that TKwiget made lv2 judge (congrats btw), and that the judges arrived at the venue before the organisers did, but apart from that, how did the event go?

Despite being less that 40 mins away, I couldnt actually go this time (my stepson was grounded, ergo, so was I...*sigh*).
As it turned out....the venue was listed incorrectly, the T.O. said that he hadn't noticed in the contract that they moved the venue from the place that they'd held it the last half dozen regionals....it was only a couple blocks away and there were signs on the front door....problem is, some of us didn't enter through the front door, we entered through the skywalk! We gave people and extra half hour to sign up.

117 players (that's up from an average of about 90 for us) Some new card usage has brought about a few situations (you can read about a few of them if you go through recent threads) Other than that it went quite smoothly.
I don't even know you, but thanks! ^____^

The event overall went very well. I saw some interesting increase of certain cards being used and was surprised at the lack of Dark World. Still was an interesting event.
It was unfortunate that I was not able to attend. many of the 'characters' that go have some quite unusual decks (including one extremely nice guy who insists on having BEWD in all his decks).
As with the last time I went, I was planning on playing a Inaba White Rabbit/spatial lock/Ojama Trio/Gyaku-Gire Panda deck.

Ho hum, there is always another time...