Angelic Inspiration: Fulfill My Destiny

Angelic Inspiration: Fulfill My Destiny (EOJ)

Hello ladies and gents, continuing the talk about Enemy of Justice, and what new cards and deck types it has to bring to us, I will be discussing with you about the heroes of destiny, or Destiny Heroes. How ironic, eh?

Let us begin!

Destiny Hero "“ Diamond Dude (Dark)
Once per turn you may reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a normal magic card, send it to the graveyard then during the main phase of your next turn you may activate the effect of that card. If the revealed card is not a normal magic card then place it on the bottom of your deck. This effect can only be activated once per turn.
ATK/1400 DEF/1600

Now this card isn't that hard to understand, so let's just go over the basics of it; you look to see if the top card of your deck is a spell card; if it is, you place it in your graveyard, kind of in a storage area so you can use it next turn without having to pay any costs for the card or any activation requirements it might have. So, if you are running cards like Des Croaking, you won't need to have your three Des Frogs on the field, you get the secondary effect of destroying all cards on you opponents side of the field. Same goes with cards like Card of Sanctity, it in turn becomes a Pot of Greed. But with Diamond Dudes effect you have to be careful, so using cards like Pigeholding Book of Spells, Big Eye, or Mahagari to "see into the future" of your deck are needed; heck even give Convulsion of Nature a try.

Destiny Hero - Doomlord (Dark)
If this card is in face-up attack position, once per turn you may remove an opponent's monster from the game. You may not battle during the turn you activate this effect. The monster removed from the game by this effect is returned to the field during your second standby phase in the same position.
ATK/ 600 DEF/ 800

The "Devil" of the bunch, it would be crazy to see your destiny and see this guy at the end of it. Normally I would say this monster won't do great with the current meta, but with the Return From the Different Dimension craze only being used by few, it won't help your opponent as much, making Destiny Hero Doomlord a great addition to the Destiny family, probably the second best D-Hero in this first set. The positives of this monster are giving us the power of monster removal, not that we don't have enough, but wouldn't you rather have too much than too little? Removing a monster from your opponent's side of the field may not seem like much to most, but think about it; I know if I were staring down a Dark Magician of Chaos, I wouldn't mind him leaving my site for a couple of turns. The negatives of this fiendish warrior is that first line of text, specifically this part, "if this card is in face-up Attack Position"; with only 600 attack that leaves it wide open for getting destroyed next turn.

Destiny Hero "“ Captain Tenacious (Dark)
If this monster is face-up on the field when another monster with "Destiny Hero" in it's name is destroyed and sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, special summon that monster onto your side of the field during your next standby phase. This effect can only be used once per turn..
ATK/ 800 DEF/ 800

With that last line said, lets bring out the "holding" monster of the guys. Tenacious literally means "holding", a perfect name for Destiny Hero "“ Captain Tenacious. D-Hero Tenacious over here is the kind of guy who likes to hold on to his friends, and never wants to let them go! This revival effect will make way for the Destiny Heroes coming in POTD, but I will talk about them later. Captain Tenacious, being such a valuable asset to the team needs to be protected; so giving him some support is key. Heart of Clear Water does that job, giving him a Spirit Reaper effect in a way, it's just he won't die when targeted.

The last and final Destiny Hero I will be talking to you about in this article is the one I have given the nickname "The Juggernaut".

Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster (Dark)
If this monster is special summoned by the effect of "Clock Tower Prison", destroy all monsters on your side of the field who's name does no include "Destiny Hero". Then you may special summon up to 2 monsters with "Destiny Hero " in their names from your graveyard. During the turn this card is special summoned, monsters with "Destiny Hero" in their name cannot be destroyed and any battle damage inflicted to this card is reduced to 0. This card's original attack and defense strength are equal to the combined original attack strength of all monsters on your side of the field with "Destiny Hero " in their name except "Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster".
ATK/ 0 DEF/ 0

Dreadguy has graced us with having three alternate effects. The first sets a requirement that it be brought out through Clock Tower Prison. This will be very difficult, as it requires Clock Tower Prison to be out on the field for four of your opponent's turns. If you do indeed manage to pull this effect off, you get to nuke your side of the field, destroying every monster that does not include Destiny Hero in its name, then you get to summon two Destiny Hero Monsters from your graveyard. Simple enough?

His second effect gives us a protected field, well for the Destiny Heroes that is. When his effect comes in through Clock Tower Prison or another revival card, no Destiny Hero can be destroyed, so no Mirror Force, Sakuretsu Armor etc"¦ plus no battle damage done either. Giving you a clearing for attacks.

His final attack is equaled out to the number of Destiny Heroes on the field when he is summoned, so getting as many of them out before you do is pretty important. But with this guy coming out before the stronger D-Heroes do, he is pretty much a no go. This is a D-Hero I wouldn't suggest running.

That's it for this weeks review, be sure to tune in next week for the first half of my look at the Destiny Heroes being introduced to us in POTD.

FallenAngel said:
...Same goes with cards like Card of Sanctity, it in turn becomes a Pot of Greed...
Well, only if you have no cards in your hand at the time. Note it says, "Draw cards until you have 2 cards in your hand", not, "Draw 2 cards". You only end up drawing 2 cards (a la Pot of Greed) because you've emptied your hand due to the cost of Card of Sanctity.
Yes, I know what Diamond Dude does. It'll make Card of Sanctity effectively say, "Draw cards until you have 2 cards in your hand." Pretty useless if you're using it when you have 2 or more cards in your hand already. I was saying the only reason Card of Sanctity can be compared to Pot of Greed is because when it's activated normally, it empties your hand, thus allowing you to draw 2 cards (a la Pot of Greed). Card of Sanctity's effect alone (i.e. ignoring the cost) isn't comparable to Pot of Greed unless you have an empty hand anyway.