Angelic Inspiration: Watching the Stars

Angelic Inspiration: Watching the Stars

Ever look at the sky and see that bright, twinkling star? No, I'm not talking about the North Star. I am talking about the really bright, flashing one "“ the one that isn't really a star at all, but a satellite. Now if I wanted to use my imagination, I'd make it a satellite with a giant cannon attached to it that can shoot my opponent and make his life point count go to 0. But honestly, what are the odds of that happening? Oh wait, its going to happen pretty soon!

With Kevin's big statement about all the new cards coming to a local store near you, countless new ideas are being thrown around. Well, in this explosive discussion, Satellite Cannon was worked in, and my mouth dropped and I started drooling!


Level 5
Atk/0 Def/0
Translation: This card cannot be destroyed by a level 7 or less monster. For each of your end phases, this card's attack is increased by 1000 points. When this card attack's the attack points is reduced to 0.

Our big, lovable piece of machinery here gets all of the necessary boosts it needs to make an impact - because it is a machine it gets pumped by cards like Limiter Removal, Machine Duplication, Heavy Mech Support Platform, and Cyber Phoenix. It being a LIGHT monster with 0 ATK just adds more fuel to its fire! It is searchable through Shining Angel, Sangan, and UFOroid. Its only downside is that Satellite Cannon is a 5 star monster.

The basic goal for a deck built around Satellite Cannon is obvious - get Satellite Cannon out fast and rain down on your opponent with relentless force, not caring if you hurt yourself in the process. Now to achieve this goal you will need some skill, but overall deck strategy will be your advantage.

Like any deck that runs combo, the hardest part is to get the necessary cards you need to the field or hand. To get Satellite Cannon to the field the quickest is through a searcher monster like Shining Angel. Unfortunately, you can't chain Inferno Reckless Summoning to this summoning (it misses its timing in the Damage Step) but nonetheless Shining Angel gets the job done. That is one way to get this monster to the field. The other is through swarming.

By using Heavy Mech Support Platform in combination with Machine Duplication we can get monsters out quick for tribute fodder. You get your Heavy Mech to the field, preferably the turn before so you can summon Cannon this turn, then you play Machine Duplication to get 2 more to the field, then tribute one to summon Satellite Cannon. If you have another Machine Duplication handy go ahead and use it on Satellite Cannon and get 2 more of those as well! A heavy hitting arsenal of machines will be at your disposal. When doing this, make sure you set down a Solemn Judgment or two to be ready for anything your opponent dishes out that can ruin your strategy.

If used right you can get your Cannons up to 2000 attack each, which means two turns of waiting. Use cards like Swords of Revealing Light and Messenger of Peace for stall until this happens. Once you're all setup, you can play the finishing card, the card that's text should read, "I win the game" - Limiter Removal. It will boost your machines power to a whopping 4000 each and you can attack for game. If necessary and your opponent goes defensive, use the best trampling card out there, Big Bang Shot.

Now if you aren't the machine type of person and wouldn't want to waste your time on Satellite, think again. Metamorphosis is a card still used widely today and being a five star monster Satellite Cannon is a perfect target for cards like Dark Balter the Terrible, Fiend Skull Dragon, and Reaper of the Nightmare.

Well that's my version of how to use Satellite Cannon. Throw your own ideas in and I am sure it will do great. Until next time duelists, have fun.


Special Thanks to Jathro for all of your help!