Angelic Inspiration: Who's Top Dog?

Wrote this when the ban list came out ya go.


Angelic Inspiration: Who's Top Dog?
By FallenAngel

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! With the banning of Chaos Sorcerer recently, many people cheered with joy now that the Chaos era is over and done with, no longer will we here the words "Remove 1 light and 1 dark from play". But now that the Sorcerer is gone, who will emerge to take his place? With Chimeratech OTK being run rampant as well as Stein Abuse, they're both still strong contenders, but we also have others that are following close behind. Will the Monarchs rise up and make their second comeback? Will Bazoo Return and Warrior Tool-box still be in the fight? It's hard to say because new ideas are popping up everywhere with decks; like Macro Cosmos, Counter Fairy, and much more. Right now it's anyone's guess.

One Turn Kill decks will be an obvious choice for the new era. But the most common ones that have made an impact are that of Chimeratech OTK and Stein Abuse. But they are both risky decks to play, and I begin to wonder if it's worth it. Those are the two decks I will be discussing with you in part 1 of Who's Top Dog.

A Draconic Overload


Chimeratech Over Dragon, a monster that was just recently introduced to us, but it made a huge impact right away. When asking other players about their Chimeratech Decks and about the reason they play it, the answer was simple. " Its an easy way to get your opponents life to 0 that's quick and effective." "“ DemonicDownside "“ Duel Monsters Advanced

When I asked how they pulled this off, I got one answer more than others, and wasn't surprised by it at all.

"Simple, you Future Fusion as many machines as possible, dumping them to the graveyard. Next you Overload Fusion your Chimeratech and you bring him out big and ready to fight." "“ Seek Heart of Duel Monsters Expert.

With a combo that simple, why wouldn't you want to play this deck? I mean it only has the same flaws as other big hitters, but because of that reason, it's a big risk to take.

The risks of running this monster are obvious; Bottomless Trap Hole and Sakuretsu Armor, two traps that have leaked there way into almost every deck ran in the World. Imagine pulling off your combination and bringing out your beefed up Dragon, only for it to be Bottomlessed or Armored in the end, it would quite simply"¦suck.

Another Trap was brought up when I was discussing flaws about this monster, and it was a card that was just re-introduced to all of us, Ring of Destruction. This could be a game winner right here, or it could just save you with a tie. If your life points are lower than your opponent's and you bring out Chimera, and you know he has a trap, then simply flip this and go for the tie game, hopefully next time you can bring him out quicker and go for the kill, or be prepared with some m/t remover or a Solemn Judgment or two.

Frankenstein Lives!


Ever since this little Munster was thrown into the reprint packs, he was known worldwide for his easy use and deck winning abilities. But at the cost of 5000 life points are you willing to gamble the duel and risk a Bottomless or Armor?

This deck if used right can obviously like Chimeratech, be the game winner, but like Chimeratech has flaws. In my own opinion this guy is easier to pull off than Chimeratech, and will beat him in the long run in the race for top dog.

Most Common Fusions ran in Stein Decks:

· Cyber End Dragon
· Cyber Twin Dragon
· Super Jumbo Drill

The Pros and Cons of Cyber Stein:


· Searchable through Mystic Tomato.
· Searchable through Last Will.
· With the right timing, he wins you the game.


· The cost of 5000 life points for his effect.
· If played to late in the duel, he is worthless.

As you can see his pros outweigh his cons, but with other cards like Don Zaloog and Exiled Force about to be played more, the original Trap Hole will be seen a lot more, so the fusion may not stand tall for long. Is it possible that House of Adhesive Tape gets its way into side-decks, for the soul purpose of stopping Stein? It's Possible. And of course the obvious Mirror Force, and even possibly Magic Cylinder. Since Stein is needed early in the duel, I wouldn't be surprised to see cards like Monster Gate, Reasoning, and Magical Merchant thrown in to Stein Decks.

The battle for tier 1 will be a long and straineous one. With armor clashing and lasers blasting, the world of Yu-Gi-Oh is in for another change, and another victor.