Card Wars: Remain of the Jello

And now, a special message from the folks at UPS . . . or one of those abbreviations...

Carlsbad, CA (January 29, 2010) – Upper Deck is pleased to announce that it has come to a successful resolution with Konami over their year-long dispute regarding Yu-Gi-Oh!® trading cards. On the eve of trial, the court issued several rulings in Upper Deck’s favor which eliminated and gravely threatened many of Konami’s monetary claims requests. These rulings sent Konami and its attorneys into retreat as Konami’s case was disintegrating. These events, and these events alone, provided the framework for the case to be resolved after opening statements were presented to the jury.

"Upper Deck is extremely pleased with the cooperative resolution with Konami. Sometimes it simply takes a courtroom, the presence of a jury, and the start of a trial for a party like Konami to finally recognize that it will be unable to live up to its pre-trial rhetoric," said Richard K. Howell, a partner at Rutan & Tucker in Costa Mesa, California.

Upper Deck had a long history with Yu-Gi-Oh! and is proud to have been such a vital part of the brands success in North America and Europe over the past six years. By creating a top notch organized play program and spending tens of millions of dollars on marketing and television broadcast, Upper Deck built a solid foundation on which Yu-Gi-Oh! will benefit for years to come.

“Though we are delighted that Konami was finally forced to see the light regarding its claims, there is, of course, a bittersweet side to the ending of this dispute,” added Richard McWilliam, Upper Deck CEO. “During the six years we spent building the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand we formed strong ties to the playing community, and, in the end, they are the ones that suffered most because of this lawsuit. Instead of focusing on the merits of the case, Konami focused its efforts on pursuing exaggerated claims and damages which it could not establish in the courtroom.”
In other words, we still have the horrible support for the game we always did. Only the players changed...twice.
Idk what too say about all this KDE and UDE are and were acting too much like politicians (neither is admitting faults and both are just pointing fingers) making it difficult too identify who we duelists could trust. im glad its over and as long as the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is not harmed anymore by this, and it continues to progress only getting better and stronger from here on, ill continue to have faith in KDE.. idk what id do if anything ever happened too cause ends too my most beloved hobby.. lol