Current State of the Game?

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Mazera DeVille

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Hi all.

It has been a couple of years since I last posted on this web site, (Digital Jedi and Chaos Ruler may remember me).

I can see the web site has updated and changed.

Anyway, going off topic. I'm just curious to see how the game is currently progressing. I've been a way for a while and I don't intend to make a return to it, but I would like to know the current state.

I've had a look at some of the card designs on another web site and some constructed decks, and it doesn't appear to have changed too much, but that would only be a small part of the story.

I look forward to your responses.

Many thanks.
Yo, Mazera! How's it hangin'? :D

A wee bit more variety has entered into the top tier decks, but you do tend to see those same decks going around. My viewpoint will likely be skewed a bit, since I tend to pay more attention to deck discussion over at the CookieSlayer Collective then I do here. Which means I'm almost completely oblivious to whats going on commonly in the meta.

Looks like the game isn't going to die anytime soon. One more cartoon is on the horizon, with more themes on the way.
Mazera DeVille
Well, Ill be, havent seen you around for... well... a really long time....
I havent been much in touch with the game in the last couple years, but I do stop by here once in awhile...
It seems to me that there are alot more themes going around, and people are getting much more creative with their deck building... also top tier decks are a little more diverse and creative than back in the day
Good to see ya.... have a good one
I can't be the only one shocked that the behemoth which is "Dark Armed Dragon" is unrestricted and can be rampaged in three's.

I understand that it's hard to get but so was necroface and in February I faced a three necro mill deck.
Well....not meaning to sound off like the proverbial "cat amongst the pigeons" here but...

I have just come back into the game after a short break...let's call it a "navel searching sabattical" shall we? (coupled with a group of immature crackers/phishers w/e)
I have not had the opportunity of playing in this format/meta yet, so I could be way off...

From what I have read & heard about it so far, is that last format the game appeared to be getting more diverse..
This format has some of the worst "horror stories" I have read since Cyber Stein was around.
I don't know if they are true, because you cant believe everything you read (as I am very quickly discovering)

According to most, "Turn 2" has all but disappeared, due to the overabundance of DDT/Magical Explosion decks & Dark Armed Dragon/Dark Turbo things.
Six Samurai just topped Houston, but that was in the last format. Many, like myself, are awaiting the results from the SJC at Costa (Black) Mesa, to find out what everybody & their dog are going to be netdecking (not so I can netdeck myself, but to be more prepared in my roguish way to counter Tier 1 decks, of which, I assume there will not be that many of, for the next 6 months)

Now, to get a "playset" of Dark Armed Dragons will set you back roughly $900 USD (this will be before the thing gets restricted/banned come September, or even beforehand after the World Championships, leaving people like myself rofling on the floor with hilarity).
To build a "competitive" deck this format, will cost anywhere between $1,200 - $1,500 USD.

Of course, you could try DDT, but even then, a good build will cost $800- $1000 USD.
This is about the only thing that can compete with Dark Armed Dragon decks on an equal footing.
You could try Oppression Gadgets or Counter Fairies (with "The Heralds") as being a solid "anti-meta" choice, but if the majority of SJC entrants only run Explosion or Dark Turbo, there's not much these decks can do. They will be totally outnumbered.

I think it's about time we started up the Cookieslayer Collective again, as this forum/team was created to address such issues as this.

Last format, we could not even refer to Tier1 decks as being "Cookies" because there were so many of them.
This format, it has changed. OTK/FTK decks are all the "fashion" once again, and once again, we are justified in using the term "Cookie Cutter".

Now, have I just about summed up all that I have "missed" in my break away from the game or what?
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Heh..yep. I haven't visited that site in bad (slaps wrist).
I think though, what I should have said, is that IF only 1-2 decks dominate this format, there's even more of a reason for that forum to exist (not that it needs one).
I am digging an even deeper grave for myself here, aren't I? lol

Oh & there's also this:

Why my name wasn't put down, I will never know. :hrm:

Anyhow, just asking out of curiosity, you would not happen to be the "Deathjester" would you?
I have always wanted to discuss the psychology of yugioh! with Bryan (a dream of mine).

Meh..I'll shut up now. =)
Unless I'm mistaken Necro, I don't think you ever joined either the old forum or the new one. Though I believe I did try to prod you in that direction a few times. If you got to see any of the old discussion threads about the CSC on the Lair, you'll see we went the same route as the Lair and included some member's only sections with an application and all that good stuff.
I could be wrong about it, but I believe, if I did, it was about 2 years ago & I honestly don't recall now. Put it this way, I really thought I did back then. I would not have used this name, probably my "Diabound" alias.
Anyhows, I got a new MSN addy & my old one is now defunct, so I will re-register (or register..w/e).
I also gotta join the Lair again too (or more precisely, update my Monarch status).
I am just reading & looking at all of the sections & forums on here, which will probably keep me occupied for the next day or two.

*back O/T peeps*:D
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Man Cookieslayer Collective... I just remembered I have an account there too

** feels :oops: **

I'll have to stroll around there, back again :D
Anyhow, just asking out of curiosity, you would not happen to be the "Deathjester" would you?
I have always wanted to discuss the psychology of yugioh! with Bryan (a dream of mine).
Completely different person from me. I've actually had this username long before Bryan Camareno (Since February 2000 on GameFAQs) so I am the "Deathjester" in that sense :)
Completely different person from me. I've actually had this username long before Bryan Camareno (Since February 2000 on GameFAQs) so I am the "Deathjester" in that sense :)

Okie dokies, so you are the original Deathjester, but not the Deathjester (per se).

Meh...can anybody tell Byan and/or Jae Kim to post on here? A Fiendish person would like to have a lil' old chat & send a huge note of thanks to them. =)

Seeing as how this topic has now gone beyond the point of "Safe Return", It was Jae Kim's first ever article which inspired me & led me to start & enjoy Yugioh! & it was Bryan Camareno's articles which talked me into staying with it, those oh so many times I wanted to quit.

Anyways...back to being Disturbed.

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