Great, a Pot of Avarice that Combos with Dimension Fusion

Now, another spell. And this card is like a brother to Pot of Avarice.


Beginning of the End
Normal Spell
You can only be activated when you have 7 or more Dark attribute monsters in your
Graveyard. Remove 5 Dark attribute monsters from your Graveyard from the game,
draw 3 cards from your deck.----------

Now, some rulings.

The removing of 5 dark attribute monsters isn't a cost, but part of the effect. Meaning if your foe D.D. Crow 1 of the 5 cards you selected from gave, you do not remove the rest of the 4 cards and you do not draw 3 cards as well.

Now, the difference.

First of all, to activate this card, you need 7 monsters instead of 5, and you need then in DARK attribute too. The good part is, you draw 3 CARD?!?!?! instead of 2. Wow, talk about broken effect. But the fact that you need 7 dark monsters in grave, makes it a horrible early card. (but extremely broken late card though) I would say don't run it more then 1, cause to activate it, the condition is even harder then Pot of Avarice.

But is it really hard? Not really. There's SO MANY good dark monsters that you can literally run all dark deck and be fine with this card. And all that 5x monster removal? Although you won't get them back to deck, they ARE removed from play. Yes, I mean abuse this card with Return of the Different Dimension and Dimension Fusion. Before, Pot of Avarice and those two cards didn't match. But this card does. (Seriously, activating Beginning of the End, draw 3 into Dimension Fusion is just pure broken) But again, running 2x or more of Beginning of the End is questionable even if you run like alot of Dark monsters since none of them return to deck and thus your rate of drawing into more Dark Monsters drops even more, nor does it refill your deck. But if you run like 20+ dark monster, then like 2~3x beginning of the End isn't a bad idea.

And to fuel your grave to load of dark, I would recommend cards like Card Trooper, Snipe Hunter, Mystic Tomato, Armageddon Knight, etc. for quick fueling.

In the end, I give this card a

10 out of 10

The ONLY reason why this card isn't broken 11/10 is cause of dark attribute only and 7 monsters of that type to boot to even use this card effect. But seriously, removing 5 monster and drawing 3 freaking cards is just broken effect no question asked. If you run a Dark Attribute deck, there's no reason WHY would you NOT run this card over Pot of Avarice. TOO GOOD.