Kami Con

Digital Jedi

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NOTE: There is no regional event here, but entering in a start time an date is mandatory for these forms

Special Guests:

Vic Mignogna
Martin Billany (AKA Little Kuriboh)
Aaron Pabon - The Geek Comedian
Seraphina - The Otaku Fusion Bellydancer
T.A.C. - The Abridged Community

Even though Kami-Con is free admittance, pre-registering has its benefits!

- You will receive a full-color con booklet, complete with beautiful artwork and color-coded map. (Non pre-registered attendees get an icky black and white one. You don't want that do you?)

- You can get into the con faster! Who wants to wait in line to sign up? Just walk in and pick up your badge!

Plus, pre-registering gives us an idea of how many people are coming to our con, and allows us to scale our events appropriately!

To pre-register, please fill out the following form: http://www.kamicon.net/Registration.php