Machine Re-Volt Re-View

To paraphrase Ben Grimm "“ what a revoltin' development. The newest structure deck is arguably the most popular one released. But is it worth it? Let's take a closer look.

The new cards"¦
First off, we see that there is new Machine support. But more specifically, we see new "˜Ancient Gear' support as well.

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
Here's the box art card; the big hitter of the deck. Unlike most of the other "˜Ancient Gear' monsters, he can be Special Summoned. He does, however, have the same "your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap cards until the end of the Damage Step" ability, and that's a huge plus. And after looking at the effect, why would you want to Special Summon him? By tributing one of the new Gadgets (see below), he gets a boost. Green gives him Piercing, or Trample. Red deals an extra 400 damage to your opponent when you inflict Battle Damage. Yellow deals an extra 600 damage if you destroy an opponent's monster. Seeing as how he's a two-tribute monster, you can double up on these effects. To me, it's not worth it unless one of them is Green. That will almost always guarantee you the extra damage that Red and Yellow provide. Should you play him? He might make for a fun deck. You don't have to tribute Gadgets to play him, but I still say you should always tribute a Green if you do.

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera
In some ways, the little brother of the Dragon. He doesn't have the "your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap cards until the end of the Damage Step" clause which hurts, but he can be Special Summoned. This one is only a one-tribute monster, and again gets a boost if you sac a Gadget. Green gives it a 300 ATK boost, Red deals an extra 500 damage to your opponent on a direct attack, and Yellow deals an extra 700 damage if you destroy an opponent's monster. At 2300 to start, he's just under playability thanks to the Monarchs, but Green let's you walk over them. Should you play him? Well, Green does mean he's a 2600, 6-star monster, but then he's just a Normal monster after that. The Yellow effect is decent, but only if you can use it repeatedly.

Ancient Gear Engineer
I believe this is the sleeper card of the deck. He negates and destroys any Trap that targets him. He has the "your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap cards until the end of the Damage Step" ability, and this time it's a huge help. After he attacks, you can destroy a Spell or Trap card of your opponent's. Sure, Breaker the Magical Warrior can do it without having to attack, but this guy can do it after every time he attacks. And he can attack through Spells and Traps. A 5-star 1500 ATK monster is hardly a good thing, but he can be Special Summoned by Giant Rat and Last Will. I can definitely see this guy making an impact"¦ if you can get around tributing for him.

Boot-Up Soldier "“ Dread Dynamo
Ordinarily he's a 0 ATK, 2000 DEF wall, but with a Gadget monster on the field, he becomes a 2000/2000. I'd pass on this one. Even if you get the ATK boost, he's still just a Normal Monster.

Green/Red/Yellow Gadget
Aside from some minor ATK/DEF differences, these are essentially the same. Now, they work in a series (Green adds Red, Red adds Yellow, Yellow adds Green), but the beauty of these little guys is all the same "“ no hand disadvantage. You play one from your hand, you get the next one in the chain right to your hand. And if you Special Summon one to the field via Giant Rat, you just replaced your field presence, and added a card to your hand. Or if you Special Summon it via Last Will, you just replaced your hand presence, and added a card to your field. When combined with the "˜Ancient Gear' monsters, we see the full potential of them.

Ancient Gear Workshop
This is essentially The Warrior Returning Alive for "˜Ancient Gear' monsters only. A bit more specific, but still useful. Especially since Ancient Gear Golem cannot be Special Summoned, and since the new "˜Gadjiltron' monsters get extra effects from tributing Gadgets.

Ancient Gear Tank
Ordinarily I'd pass on Equip cards, but this one is actually decent. The fact that you can only equip it to an "˜Ancient Gear' monster limits it to a specific and dedicated deck, but the 600 ATK bonus would be especially nice on an Ancient Gear Engineer, Beast, or Soldier. The additional 600 damage when this card is destroyed is nice as well.

Ancient Gear Explosive
We essentially have this already in the form of Catapult Turtle, Chthonian Blast, and Linear Accelerator Cannon. And they don't require an "˜Ancient Gear' monster only. Pass on this.

Ancient Gear Fist
This one I don't care for either. It lets you destroy a monster that battles with the equipped monster, but again, only if it's an "˜Ancient Gear' monster. If it gave you an ATK boost, or prevented Battle Damage, then I could say yes. But as is, I just don't feel it does enough.

Stronghold the Moving Fortress
I can see this working as a nice surprise to your opponent, and that's without the Gadget boost. Let's face it; having all 3 Gadgets on the field is hardly impossible, but highly unlikely. The 3000 ATK boost is tempting, but you don't need it. Because this is Special Summoned in defense mode, it can serve as a nice defender, or you can use it on your opponent's End Phase for tribute fodder next turn.

The worthwhile reprints"¦
Some are good, some not. Let's look at the ones worth having.

Until Dark Beginning 2, this guy was only available in Tournament Packs. With the Normal monster support coming soon, an 1850 ATK, DARK monster is nothing to pass up.

Cannon Soldier
Often overlooked, but why? He's extremely searchable, and combos very well. A personal favorite.

Ancient Gear Golem
Previously only available as an Ultra Rare, this 3000 ATKer prevents the activation of Spells and Traps when attacking. And who could forget Limiter Remover with this"¦

Ancient Gear Factory
It combos well with Return From the Different Dimension, but definitely requires a very dedicated deck.

Ancient Gear Castle
An ATK boost for your "˜Ancient Gear' monsters, and it helps get around the big summoning requirements of them too. Previously only a Super Rare, this as a Common could open up some possibilities.

Limiter Removal
We all know how good it is. But it's sure nice to have another.

Enemy Controller
Aside from the Gadgets, this is the other reason people are buying these. It's a Change of Heart if you tribute one of your own monsters. Or turn something to DEF mode to protect your monsters or Life Points. Versatility in Quick-Play form; this is what a card is supposed to be.

Pot of Avarice
Limited to 1 for a reason, the great recycler is useful for returning other useful monsters back to your deck for another go "˜round. Recycle your deck thinners like Nimble Momonga and Thunder Dragon, or your searchers like Mystic Tomato and Giant Rat. Or recycle your Cyber Dragons and Monarchs for more use of their effects.

Sakuretsu Armor
See Limiter Removal.

So we have several new cards, and several good reprints. Tinker with the Gadgets, or the Ancient Gears and see what you come up with.