Nomi list.

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The list of unrevivable special summon monsters (AKA Nomi) from the JERP:
Great Angel Zeraht (e. Archlord Zerato)
Devil Mazera (e. Mazera DeVille)
Magic Hierophant of Black (e. Sorcerer of Dark Magic)
Black Executioner (e. not in English)
Blue Eyes Shining Dragon (e. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon)
Red Eyes Darkness Dragon (e. Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon)
Master Monk (e. Master Monk)
Vampire Genesis (e. Vampire Genesis)
Sea Dragon God - Neo Daidaros (e. Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus)
Armed Dragon LV10 (e. not in English)
E-HERO Bubbleman Neo (e. not in English)
Divine Flame Emperor - Uria (e. not in English)
Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon (e. not in English)
Phantom Emperor - Ravel (e. not in English)
Sphinx Androgynous (e. Theinen the Great Sphinx)
O-O-ARI KUI-KUI-ARI (e. not in English)
Megarock Dragon (e. Megarock Dragon
Devildozer (e. not in English)
Exodia Necros (e. Exodia Necross)
Berserk Dead Dragon (e. Berserk Dragon)
Mirage Knight (e. Mirage Knight)
Spirit of Pharaoh (e. Spirit of the Pharaoh)
Swordmaster - Naked Gear Freed (e. Gearfried the Swordmaster)
Princess - Pikeru (e. not in English)
Princess - Kuran (e. not in English)
Cyber Barrier Dragon (e. not in English)
Cyber Laser Dragon (e. not in English)
Black Magician's Knight (e. Dark Magician Knight)*
Water Dragon (e. Water Dragon)
Winged Kuribo LV10 (e. Winged Kuriboh LV10)
Black Flame Dragon of Horus LV8 (e. Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8)
Armed Dragon LV7 (e. Armed Dragon LV7)
Silent Swordman LV7 (e. Silent Swordsman LV7)
Silent Magician LV8 (e. Silent Magician LV8)
*Black Magician's Knight can be summoned from the Graveyard using Title of a Knight. (e. Dark Magician Knight can be summoned from the graveyard using Knight's Title.)

There should be 34 monsters in the above list.

Fusion nomi monsters:
F-G-D (e. not in English)
Master Dragon Knight (e. not in English)
Super Magic Swordsman - Black Paladin (e. Dark Paladin)
E-HERO Flame Wingman (e. Elemental Hero Flame Wingman)
E-HERO Steam Healer (e. not in English)
E-HERO Thunder Giant (e. Elemental Hero Thunder Giant)
E-HERO Rampart Gunner (e. Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster)
E-HERO Mudball Man (e. not in English)
E-HERO Wild Jaggyman (e. Elemental Hero Wildedge)
E-HERO Shining Flare Wingman (e. Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman)

There should be 11 monsters in the above list.
I don't know whether I should use "FGD" and "E-HERO". After all, the proper name is in katakana.

XYZ - Dragon Cannon (e. XYZ-Dragon Cannon)
XY - Dragon Cannon (e. XY-Dragon Cannon)
XZ - Caterpillar Cannon (e. XZ-Tank Cannon)
YZ - Caterpillar Dragon (e. YZ-Tank Dragon)

There should be 4 monsters in the above list.

Any other special summon monster can be Monster Reborned/Dimension Fusioned as long as it was properly summoned.

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This list was compiled by the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Expert Rules HP, which is not sponsored or endorsed by Konami or Upperdeck Entertainment, or any related parties. It was translated and edited by Raijinili (meaning that you can blame him for mistakes).
This list is accurate for the Japanese OCG as of November 5th, 2005. Its accuracy cannot be guaranteed past that date.
This list may not be used as an official reference for the Japanese OCG, the Asian TCG, or the TCG in Upperdeck Entertainment territories.
The OCG names were translated by Edward T. Hrzic,, or myself. They are not necessarily an accurate representation of Konami's initial intent for the names.
Respond with ANY typos or errors, no matter how small.

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NOMI is the Japanese word for "only" as I understand it, and is the word we use to designate the difference between the two types of Special Summon-Only Monsters.

An example of a monster that is NOT a Nomi would be Spirit of Flames or any other monster with this text:

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by..."

This type of monster can only be summoned this way initially. But once properly summoned, then it's eligible for revival after going to the Graveyard or Removed from Game Zone through an effect like Call of the Haunted, Premature Burial or Return from the Different Dimension. But if, say, the monster were never summoned properly, like being discarded to the Graveyard without ever hitting the field, then the monster cannot be Special Summoned using revival effects.

On the other hand, a NOMI Monster has this text:

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by..."

This is a NOMI Monster. It cannot be summoned in any manner, except be through it's built in Special Summoning effect. Regardless if it's properly summoned the first time, the only way to ever bring this monster to the field is through the effect written on the card.

You'll notice the difference between the two is that NOMI Monsters use the words "cannot" and "except" in their second sentence and non-NOMIs do not.

NOTE: Well, a couple of notes actually. One is that there appear to be a couple of exceptions to the NOMI rule. In actuality, their effects that circumvent the rule. And, so far, this is only when dealing with the LV Monsters, who have a few cards that specifically say to ignore any and all summoning conditions. (e.g. Level Up!)

The other notation would be that the NOMI and non-NOMI text hasn't always been clear, so a lot of older cards in circulation do not have either of the above two text templates I quoted above. "This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set." was one sentence that didn't used to be in either version. The best way to make sure what the updated text is, is to check Netrepâ„¢ or the UDE site for the most recent and up-to-date erratas.