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When I was a member of, I came up with a system for running Online Yugioh Tournaments. I would love to start up monthly or semi monthly tournaments here, but first I need to know if anyone would be interested in participating in them.

I've noticed that this site is primarily used for the arcade and isn't used much for the TCG's. I'd like to attempt to change that. Now while I don't know much about the other TCG's if I can get a tournament together for Yugioh I could probably use the same set of rules and the same point system, ect for running tournaments for the other TCG's as well.

So just tell me if you would be interested in participating in an online tournament and I'll provide you with more information later on after I've found out how many people are interested.
Man, I wish they didn't have so much stuff blocked at work now or I'd love to try to sneak in on this one. I'll do what I can to help with the infrastructure of things.
Well all I really need are committed duelist that will have their matches in time, I can handle the rest easy enough.

A little more information:
- They will be Single Elimination match ups
- They will be Advance (TCG) Format
- Depending on the speed of the tournament (how soon matches take place) they will be held monthly or every other month.
- I will have a time limit in which you are required to have your match, however; I can be flexible. (Usually 1 week per round).
- If you do not hold your match in the given time limit you will be dropped.
- If you drop from to many tournaments, you will be unable to participate in future tournaments. ("To Many" is vague and I'll keep it that way, lol!)
- Usually I require matches to be held over Yugioh Virtual Desktop to prevent any arguments over cheating and because you can log the duel. However, if its possible to log a duel with Game King or KCVDS I will allow matches to take place on those formats as well.
- All matches most be Logged and the log posted on the site so that a Judge or myself can overlook it in order to settle any arguments that may take place. The loser is the one who should post the log, however; I recommend that you both keep a copy.
- Possible Credit Prizes for Each Tournament (Requires a Fee to Play if we decide to do so)

I'm used to running "Clan Wars" on but this shouldn't be to different and much easier to control. I may also keep a ladder running for novelty sakes.

Points will Appear like so:
+ 1 For each match you participate in
+ 2 For each match you Win
+ 3 For placing 2nd Place in Tournament
+ 4 For placing 1st Place in Tournament

I always tempted to get prizes together for the end of the year to give to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ladder winners. However, that would have to be arranged with the owner of the site because some prizes I can't do myself.

Prizes could be:
- A Special Tag Under your Avatar Proclaiming you a Champion
- Large amount of Credits
- Hat/T Shirt with the COG Banner on them
- Cards
- Card Sleeves with the COG Banner on them

It all depends on if anyone wants to help pay for any of the above (Credits and the Tag are obviously Free to do).
well, I haven't really gotten into VYD becuse It wont let me in the chat rooms, and the card list that I have on there is ancient and I haven't been able to find any way to update or anything.
It'd be good to have another tourney here. We've kind of been long overdue for one. I'd certainly be glad to join, myself.

By the way, if we do get a tourney going, I would definitely recommend making Dillie-O's yvd set file the required one to use as it's always based directly on the latest Tournament Card Registry. The xerocreative file still has occasional outdated texts as well as some missing cards.
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well, I got the updated stuff, but I still cannot get into the chat rooms to talk to any body to duel. it keeps telling me I need a registered nick to go in the room. how do I get one?
So do we have any other takers for the tournament? I'd love to get it going and do some dueling.
It seems people lost interest in this forum since it was purged last year (Just look at my contact info thread that's been here a while. And the last one actually had a pretty good list.). Hopefully there are ways to make this place active again.

well, I got the updated stuff, but I still cannot get into the chat rooms to talk to any body to duel. it keeps telling me I need a registered nick to go in the room. how do I get one?
Really wish they'd drop that aol gline in the chat, already, but I know enough to help you out.

While in the chat, you can register a name after you've had it for a few minutes by typing /ns register password e-mail

Also, typing /ns help will give you a list of features you can get help on. Type /ns help and then type one of the features (e.g., /ns help register) to get help on that feature.
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A few years ago, when we were under different management, it was suggested to start our regular set of tournaments under the CoG banner. At the time, we where trying to get the tourneys sanctioned so players could earn points for their duels. But I never did hear what the 411 was on whey UDE thought of that.
I don't think UDE said anything about the topic, but I believe they would frown upon the idea since there was no way to help verify things were being done legitimately. Sure you can trace the logs and stuff, but there's just something different about having a venue in public where judges are floating around keeping an eye on things they prefer.

I haven't gotten any word, that's just my general impression.
Any tournament would be better then none. Am I not right in my logic there? Rather we earn points or not (I'm not even registered with UDE and I've played for 4 years or so) I'd still really like to get something going. I joined this site hoping I could help generate some movement in the site.
Not really now. There was such little response that I just figured no one was interested, and a tournament of 4 is hardly fun. I'd still be interested in hosting the tournament (and any other tournament) if we can find enough people willing to enter.