"Pwnd!" #1

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I can see him dreading the comment already like "he's going to go off and rant and rave again". Well, here it is.

That was pretty funny.
Well, if he had a sword, then maybe they would have taken him more serious...... hahahaha

Great stuff DJ.... FUUNNNYYY !!!
I think I remember seeing this episode previously, I thought it was outstanding then as well! Have you done any new episodes as of late?
EmeraldDragon said:
I still feel unmoved by this as I did when I previously viewed it. I expected more of you mark.
I meant to ask you last time, if you've even seen the movie 300. And there's at least one reference to an American fast food chain that might be lost on you. But like I said then, it's not meant to be hysterical. It's just a start.

John Danker said:
I think I remember seeing this episode previously, I thought it was outstanding then as well! Have you done any new episodes as of late?
I hope to. I have some art in the can, as well as some scripts. Just testing the waters at this point.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.
No i havent seen 300 yet. Even if i had i doubt it would be funny to me. The wendys thing is fine i know enough about the states to have heard about it before. Its just like eating a curry thats been softened bymilk or cream. its bland and uninteresting.
Well, there you go. Unless you'd seen the movie (which most of us did with a bunch of comic book geeks in tow) then it wouldn't really mean anything to you. This was largely inspired by a group of my friends who had seen the movie before me. A little understated by comparison, but they essentially acted the same way. Come to think of it, so did I after I saw the film. Much to wife's chagrin.
I'm with Emerald on this one. I found your comic uninteresting. I haven't seen 300 either, but I'd imagine a basic premise implies your character is parodying some of the lines from the film. Maybe I've just seen what is probably practically an identical parody in Ctrl+Alt+Del, which makes your jokes old and weak.

"Pure comedy", "outstanding", "great" just feel like huge exaggerations to me. I hope better things are on the way.

I of course mean no offense. It's difficult to say anything like that without sounding offensive, though, so I'm covering my bases.
Heh, I actually wrote mine before Tim posted his. Although, their not at all the same gag, it stood to reason people would copy that same line bit.

But, hey, I said before this was essentially going to be a Ctrl+Alt+Del rip-off. Which means, it's not always going to be funny. :D
Photoshop for the coloring and everything after that. I hope to get a tablet later this year so I can do all the drawing within Photoshop. Someone just gave me their copy of Illustrator, so I may try to do some stuff there too.