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Can Solemn Warning be used against the effect of Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen? I heard it was ruled somewhere that it can, but I don't understand why.
It can. The reasoning is that Valhalla doesn't grant you the ability to do a Special Summon "whever you like", as it were; it's an effect that activates, and the effect is "perform a Special Summon". Since it's an effect that activates, Solemn Warnings can be chained to it.
Actually, "Solemn Warning" can't do anything. "Solemn Warning" can only negate the activation of a Spell Card; it can't negate the activation of the effect of a Spell Card. The text is a little ambiguous, but the OCG text clearly doesn't allow it, and we got an e-mail from Konami addressing it:
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can Solemn Warning negate the effect of Infernity Launcher?



It cannot.
Good to know Konami has continued the tradition of being remarkably terse in official emails. Wouldn't want anybody extrapolating anything, now would you?
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