We're Not Just Open, We're Grand Open

Digital Jedi

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Welcome to the CoG Grand Re-Opening!


Too subdued?

We've gotten most of the bugs worked out, and handful of things are still offline. I'll try to compile a list, but feel free to test things out, and don't fret too much if there's a database error. Go ahead and tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your cat. Tell your resin bust of Jango Fett.

City of Gamers is officially back online!
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You might want to take that "Welcome to the CoG Soft Open!" notice down, then. ;)
City Of Gamers Grand Open

it could be the new name for the forums

but it kind of sounds like a golf or tennis tournament

The Grand Open

or we could use this abreveation COGGO. -_-()
And while you're at it, give me my credits back! And make the games give out credits too.
Oh yeah, currently working on that. There's an issue with recalculating credits. None of them are currently accurate. It's actually turned off, at the moment until I can track down why it's doing that. Really the last major problem to address. I'm starting to think it's related to a server limit.
What do you mean unlike me, I worked hard to get my credits like that.:D
Stumbled onto this site looking for old UDE info, let's see what you guys have going on here.
We have almost all of the old posts from the old UDE Judge's Email List archived here. Most of it's there, though there were days/weeks where the RSS feed didn't trigger properly (or too often.) But it's the only preserved archive I know of.