Ycard Feature Coming Along

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So, last week(?) I announced that I managed to get the [ycard] feature working again, by connecting to an API service that has access to all card data, even if it was just a grid of data. So what you see here are not card scans, outside of the artwork and background imagery. This is completely done using CSS and PHP with the data from the API formatted to look like an actual card. All of this text is selectable text in your browser. When I'm done I'll plug this into the forum in place of the raw data [ycard] we use now.


As you can see, I've managed to emulate the embossing of the rares, which I'll probably not get too particular about emulating. It just seemed like a fun thing to include for cards that were released as embossed rares. And as you can also see, this isn't entirely finished. There's still a lot of tweaking the Monster Cards and completing the look of Spell and Trap, and I haven't even touched the Pendulum Whatevers. But I'll try to release a mostly finished version within the next month or so. You can see a little demo of what the output currently looks like here.
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Over time, I'll probably add to it. Like maybe a button to auto select the card text, and possibly something that will open a more readable version of cards with teeny, tiny text, like BLS over there. Plus I'd like to eventually add something to let you look at older versions of the same cards, as I believe they have alternate art available in the API.