Gaming Video News

Previously we had some Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTubers feed some videos to the site. We're currently re-evaluating this idea, but here are all the old videos kept for posterity. Some videos have been deleted by their author

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Crisis 1st Edition Unboxing! EPIC PULLS!


I Bought a Huge Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection!


KONAMI"S NEW! Yu-Gi-Oh! Wild Survivors Booster Box Opening


Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Legendary Collection HATES ME!!!


I Bought a Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Collection!


FINALLY! NEW BANLIST! Yu-Gi-Oh! Official May 2023 TCG Banlist! | LIVE REACTION!


BEST BOX EVER! Yu-Gi-Oh! Black Luster Soldier CLASSIC Booster Box Opening!


Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020 Duel Overload Box X2 Opening!


EARLY! Yu-Gi-Oh! Wild Survivors Booster Box Opening


Yu-Gi-Oh! Dinosaur Expo Exclusive Promo & Sleeves!


GOOD PACKS, BAD LUCK!? Yu-Gi-Oh! Random Packs Mystery Opening!


EARLY REVEAL! My Hero Academia Class Reunion! All Might VS All For One!


Streaming Tonight & Giveaway!


PICK UP THIS Yu-Gi-Oh! BOX NOW! Amazing Defenders Finally Worth It!


NEW LIGHT SUPREME KING Z-ARC! Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimensional Overlord Cards Revealed!


How I Organize My Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Collection! With Help From Temu!


I Went To Collect-A-Con! Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Everywhere!!!


HUGE Yu-Gi-Oh! Box From Japan! (PACKS BOXES & MORE!)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Has A NEW Pot of Greed!? Yugi's Monsters Return!


Yu-Gi-Oh! PURRELY 2023 Deck Profile May 2023 Cyberstorm Access!