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    I still can't access the AME section of your forums. Also, can you tell me what mod you have installed that has the achievements? I like that.
    Hey DJ, I wanted to ask permission to post your sketch P'wnd on my site?

    Simply funny and wanted to share it with my members, please let me know.
    I think I got facebook fixed on my end -- I sent a new friend request to you.

    I was going to check on whether there was an update to Ronin and the link isn't working? Is someone cybersquatting on your account name? Do you have a new one???
    I blocked you on facebook? When on earth did I do that? Good grief -- it wasn't on purpose! I think I was cleaning out the notifications "SO&SO wants to share SPAM APPS with YOU!!" and probably just hit it by accident. I'm hardly ever on facebook, but tell me how to unblock you and I'll do it....
    Silent Running was a very odd film, but I think was woth a watch just for shitz and giggles. The one we did after that was Starcrash. That film was awesome cheese! Ive watched it 3 or 4 times now. its deff. a blast.
    Looks promising. When you're done, I'll need to change the colour schemes of the templates to match.

    Hopefully it may even start getting used at some point.
    Haven't messed around with it yet. Probably still won't, actually. I don't have much to show.

    Although, come to think of it, I can think of a YouTube video I like...
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