2006 19th Aug, Waco Regional,who is going?????

Dueling Dad

Texan Dad/Judge
Aug 19th - Waco, TX - Yu-Gi-Oh Regional
Location : Waco Convention Center
Organizer : DeQuan Watson
Times : 9:00 am Registration 10:00 am Start Time
Cost : $15.00
Tournament Structure:

This event will use swiss format pairings for each round. Players will use their own decks. Since this event uses the Advanced Format rules, players must build their decks following the banned and restricted list found here.

Deck lists will be required for this event. You can download and print a deck list here to save you time. Be sure to bring the completed list with you.

The Deck used for dueling must contain a minimum of 40 cards. Aside from this minimum limit, your Deck can contain as many cards as you like.

In addition to your dueling Deck, you can also have 15 additional cards in a separate pile known as the Side Deck. The Side Deck allows you to modify your Deck to better suit your strategy during a Match.

Between Duels, you can exchange any card from your Side Deck with any card in your Deck - as long as you end up with the same number of cards that your Deck began the Match with.

The Side Deck you create must contain exactly 15 cards at the beginning of a Match. In other words, if you don't have enough cards to create a 15 card Side Deck, you cannot use one at all. In any Match, the Deck and Side Deck combined cannot contain more than 3 copies of the same card.

There is no pre-registration for this event.


1st - 4th Place
- Invitation to Nationals
- Exclusive play mat
- 24 booster packs

5th - 8th Place
- Exclusive play mat
- 12 boosters packs

9th "“ 16th Place
- 6 boosters packs

17th - 24th Place
- 3 booster packs

Note : Prizes will increase if attendance is above 85 players. Prizes will not be lower than what is posted.

I am going to try to go(If I can get off work). Who all from here on COG is going? I know Sky will be there(coughcough head judge??).