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As I intimated in the other thread, there will be some things to adapt to with the new forum script. Facebook login doesn't work here, either. But that can, and will, be fixed. Just not soon. In addition, you'll be getting some additional login options besides Facebook, such as Google+ and Twitter.

One of the things I had to sacrifice with this move was an avatar manager. So almost no avatars from your old account transferred over, unless you had a custom avatar on the old site. However, if xF detected a Gravatar account associated with your email address during the import, it automatically used that one instead. Gravatars are enabled for everyone, so if you wish to retrieve your old avatar, just let me know what you used to use, and I'll try to make that original library accessible to you so you can download your favorite.

There will be a few things here and there that will be broken. You can just start a Conversation (formerly called PMs or Private Messages) or contact me on my profile wall if something is really out of whack. But some things, like your user profile fields, will need fixing, updating, etc. It's gonna be a process for me. I did a lot of custom work on the old site, and some of that tried to creep over to xF, which of course, won't work here. We, of course, lost a number of features I had added over the years. Most notably the games. I'm looking into replacement options for those, because I know you enjoyed them and spent a lot of time raising those high scores. There is an xFArcade that I'm looking into that's basically what we had. But you should be aware, the arcade was Flash, and all signs point to Flash being phased out in the not-too-distant future.

xenForo is different. Probably more so for me on the backend, than for you. But you're definitely going to notice the changes. I hope the more modern, streamlined backend design provides a more solid browsing experience for you, and I hope you post with any ideas and questions you may have. I'm going to post some threads today to try and stimulate discussion and activity, and to flesh out what it is I'd like to see from the forums in the near future. Hope to see you all there. Peace out, everyone!

EDIT: I also wanted to mention that xF is responsive, meaning it's designed to work with your mobile devices out the box. I don't have to retrofit secondary skins or hack detection scripts to make it work. It just does.
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