Been Away Far Too Long


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Hello all! I have not been here in almost 2 years! I just recently got sucked in again not even a week ago, I bought some cards this weekend to just see what's out there. But I have not really bought since the set w/ Cyber Dragon came out. So I needs some pointers & suggestions to get me going in the right direction. I have an extensive collection so I can make some killer decks, but like I said more than a few sets behind. Gimme the skinny Guys & Gals!

I am flexible when it comes to decks, I like dragons, spell casters, & anything else that will whomp some butt. I have to admit I am a agressive player. My decks still constructed is a warrior women deck, an exodia deck, a mahavilo deck (AKA Mahaha deck) & a traditional deck w/ all sorts of Nasty :evil:... Help this ol' gal get back on track plz!!!
Hey Luvs,

Yeah, I've been out of it, too. Not sure when I'll get time to pick up some more cards. Welcome back!
Also been gone a while

I've been gone from the YGO scene for a LONG time. only links I have to it are occasional video games (PS2/PS1/DS) I'm thinking about getting back to the TCG but I want to start with one of my old decks just upgraded for the new rules. (See WAY BACK in the forums for Zombie Control 2.0) I ran that deck and had hilarious results and fun playing it. (ran 30 cards out of opponent's deck in one turn) Can't wait to see how the 5D's upgrades affect how it plays.

Anyone out there from the OKC, Oklahoma area feel free to send me a msg here, Facebook (, or PS3 (OKShadowKitten). Heck anyone here that feels like it, don't care where you are. LOL Just wouldn't mind findin some locals that might help me get the deck together and test it. Trying to track it all down will definitely take some work.
I've tried to restart about a half a dozen times at this point. We'll see if the move to a new city makes the difference in find people to play with. Or want to play with.