Burned by Greed


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Trying this deck out with the new format and wanting suggestions for improvements, if needed in your opinion.

Tried it the other night and went 4 for 5 with the deck.

Monsters: 4
2x Lava Golem
1x Morphing Jar
1x Sangan

Spells: 14
1x Level Limit - Area B
1x Messenger of peace
1x Swords of Revealing Light
2x Meteor of Destruction
1x Poison of the Old Man
1x Ookazi
1x Smashing Ground
1x MST
2x Wave-Motion Cannon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Card Destruction

Traps: 24
2x Waboku
2x Treatening Roar
1x Gravity Bind
2x Magic Cylinder
1x Magic Drain
2x Magical Explosion
2x Disturbance Stategy
3x Secret Barrel
3x Gift Card
2x Bad Reaction to Simochi
1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
3x Greed
Interesting build..Trap Heavy, But That cant be helped. I see that your only running heavy and MST as far as S/T removal, Jinzo Or Royal Decree would hamper your trap lineup. But the majics would pick it up from there...Seems really solid,But A bad first hand seems Probable. If you wouldnt mind, i can also use a Rating on one of my decks, if you would be soo kind ^-^
Well, seeing as how you won't ever be attacking, if you need more stall, tou can always use Nightmare's Steelcage. I'm not a big fan of Magical Explosion, especially with a majority of Traps over Spells. Yes, 14 IS a lot fo Spells, but to do a significant amount of damage, you will need over 10 in the Graveyard. It might be easier if you weren't sitting at 42 cards. I'm curious why you moved from the traditional cards like Ceasefire and Just Deserts + Ojama Trio. I like the build, but it has major weeknesses with people siding Des Wombats and Royal Decrees (and now Jinzos). Also, if you could trim it down to more of the cards that just do damage, can you see this with Spell (or Trap) reclamation?? Nasty!
I don't know about 7-tools, but can you imagine Judgement of Anubis + your Lava Golem? Brutal! if they do decide to destroy your Canon, Greed, Bad rection, or whatever, and you have alreay given them Lava Golem...Their turn, take 1000, they activate Heavy, or MST, *BAM* They loose another 3000.
You also could use Compulsary Evacuation Device to get back a spent Morphing Jar or Lava Golem (after damage, of course) for re-use.
I like the Judgment of Anubis aspect-plays well. Seven Tools is to counter someone chaining Royal to my activation of Gift Card with Bad Reaction. Some setup required but would be KILLER with 3 Gift Cards set with Simochi. Smashing would possibly take care of Des Wombat but most likely tribute fodder for Lava Golem. I may knock Magical Explosion down to one and make some adjustments to include Ojama Trios with Just Desserts. Ceasefire would be a side deck item. Thought about subbing Soul Reversal for Monster Reincarnation to get back Morphing but with NoC going to 2- not sure yet. Could always activate Soul Reversal during my Standby, place Morphing face down and flip during my Main 1. What do you think of Magical Hats with this deck?
Thought of one other idea to add to this deck....Inferno Tempest....special summon Lava Golem, allow the hit on my LPs and activate Inferno Tempest. That would definitely put a hurt on the opponent's ability to attach, eh?