Check out L5R with Print and Play!


Council of Heroes
Still not quite convinced about L5R yet?

Fortunately the AEG guys try to do a good job during the transition in arcs for new sets to get more players in.

In this case, the entire Ivory Arc base set is now available for you to print and play through a PDF file. You can check out the cards and see what's going on.

Even BETTER than this is that the starter decks they will be releasing (hopefully soon) are ALSO available in print and play format so you can grab a couple of clans and start playing!

The PDF resources are found here:

The basic learn to play book can be found here:

The advanced rulebook (gotta do this myself since I'm judging a Kotei in June):

You have to pick a clan (I'm Spider myself) so find out about them here:

Let me know if you jump in!